These basic troubleshooting methods of vacuum pump, you have to know! _

by:J&T     2020-05-18

vacuum pump has been more and more common, today small make up just a few simple failure and its elimination method to introduce the following, hope to be of help!

1。 The vacuum pump turning not smooth the causes of this situation is generally long unused caused dish end surface rust or because of excessive water temperature in the pump cavity scale. Elimination method is to pump cavity filling the 10% oxalic acid covered 30 minutes, and then after loosening the pump cover plate of the car, or is to reduce the working liquid dirt coefficient.

2。 Vacuum pump is abnormal motor if motor open phase because it is over, check the power connector out; If the voltage is not normal because it is over, check the power supply voltage; If because ac contactor is damaged, for ac contactor.

3。 About abnormal voice of vacuum pump is usually caused by a startup working liquid filled with the pump cavity, then open the release is part of the working liquid in the pump outlet of working liquid to reduce part is ok.

4。 cannot form a this kind of situation is caused by two reasons, one is no working liquid, then check the working liquid supply situation; Second, steering error, just correct to at this moment.

5。 If the vacuum pump vacuum low due to the water pump selection smaller so that the extraction rate is low, has to be replaced under larger pumping speed pump; If because of working liquid are in short supply, will increase the supply; If because working fluid temperature is too high, to reduce the temperature; If because the system leakage, check and plugging; If because the disc or impeller is corrosion, check and replace the wheel or the impeller.

6。 Water ring vacuum pump current is great to see is due to the high line pipes up, is if it is ok to reduce drain height; If because working liquid supply is too large, will reduce work fluid supply.

7。 Vacuum water pump mechanical seal leakage is usually due to not inject dry run under the condition of working liquid and coolant pump, this time will need to replace the mechanical seal, change the operating rules

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