The working principle of rotary vane vacuum pump you know -

by:J&T     2020-07-02

rotary vane vacuum pump working principle has been introduced many times, today we will be familiar with it. Rotary vane vacuum pump we've seen a lot. We will introduce below.

rotary vane vacuum pump of the rotary vane rotor, pump cavity and surrounded by two end cover crescent-shaped space into A, B and C three parts. When the rotor rotates along the direction of the arrow, the space and inspiratory mouth connected volume is increasing, is inhaled. And vent connected space C volume decreases, and in the exhaust process. The central space B volume decreases, and in the compression process.

because of the space of A volume increase gradually, The expanded) , gas pressure is reduced, and the external gas pressure at the entrance of rotary vane vacuum pump than the pressure in the space of A strong, so the gas is inhaled. The space A and inspiratory mouth isolation, transfer them to the location of the space B, gas begins to be compressed, volume decreases, and then connect to vent. When compressed gas than exhaust pressure, the exhaust valve be pushed away, compressed gas, the gas emissions to the atmosphere through the fuel tank of oil.

rotary vane vacuum pump to achieve the purpose of continuous pumping of continuous running. If through the air exhaust channel transfer (to another Low vacuum level) Level, the low vacuum sucking it and then compressed into the atmosphere side by side in the atmosphere, thus forming two stage water pump. At this point, the total score for the two stage, thus increase the ultimate vacuum. The working principle of liquid ring vacuum water pump, liquid ring vacuum pump is usually used in water ring vacuum pumps and naxi pump. It is mainly used for pumping the gas, especially when the pumping corrosive gas.

in using the right amount of water as working fluid in the pump body. When the impeller rotates clockwise, the water will be the impeller. Due to the centrifugal force, and the water formed a thickness is roughly equal to the closing of the ring, the closed loop is determined by the shape of the pump housing. The inner surface of the water ring bottom tangent with the impeller shell, and the inner surface of the upper water ring with the tip of the blade just contact ( In fact, the blade has a certain insertion depth) 。

the above we introduced the working principle of rotary vane vacuum pump, if you need rotary-vane vacuum water pump are related articles. Recommend you to read: guangdong rotary-vane vacuum pump are used on the wood processing industry,

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