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by:J&T     2020-04-20
Double suction pump, double suction centrifugal pump product structure SH type double suction centrifugal water pump suction outlet below the pump axis, horizontal direction is perpendicular to the axis, open the pump housing. There is no need to remove the water in the process of inspection, the discharge line and motor ( Or other primary motivation) From the direction of the coupling to pump, pump counterclockwise. If you need to order according to user's special order, you can change to clockwise. Such a major part of the pump are: the pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, double suction sealing ring, bushings, bearings, etc. In addition to high quality carbon steel, shaft made of cast iron. Studio, pump body and pump cover impeller in the inlet and outlet water flange used to install vacuum gauge and pressure gauge, screw holes for screw hole of the drained water is reduced. Inlet and outlet water flange of the jaw. On either side of the impeller static balance, and the sleeve and the sleeve nut fixed. The axial position can be adjusted through sleeve nut. The axial force of impeller to balance through the symmetrical arrangement of the blade. There may be some remaining. To the rest of the axial force is coaxial bearings. shaft is supported by two single row radial ball bearings. At the ends of the bearing is installed in the pump body bearing body, and butter lubrication. Double entry sealing ring is used to reduce water leakage from the water pump cavity to the suction chamber. driven by motor directly by coupling. Shaft seal is soft packing seal, used for cooling and lubrication chamber and prevent the air leakage into the pump. There is a water seal ring between the packing. When the water pump work, a small amount of the water seal of high pressure water through through the filling chamber tube ACTS as a water seal. A: on the slurry pump under the working principle of an article: fresh water pump works
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