The working principle and characteristics of the roots vacuum pump _

by:J&T     2020-05-21

roots vacuum pump ( Roots pump) Is a kind of variable displacement rotary vacuum pump. It has evolved from the roots blower. According to the work scope of the roots vacuum pump, divided into low vacuum roots pump and exhaust directly; Secondary roots vacuum pump ( Also known as mechanical booster pump) And high vacuum multistage roots pump.

roots vacuum pump structure and working principle:

its structure and working principle and the roots blower fan. At work, its suction connected to the main pump of vacuum pump and vacuum system. Vacuum water pump between the rotor and rotor and there is no contact between the rotor and the pump shell. Clearance is commonly 0. 1 - 0. 8 mm; Don't need lubricating oil. The rotor type line with circular arc line, involute and cycloid, and so on. Involute rotor water pump with high volume utilization rate and machining accuracy. As a result, the rotor type line is mainly used for involute type. The roots vacuum pump can rotate to 3450 ~ 4100 RPM; Pumping speed is 30 ~ 10000 liters per second ( 1 liter = 10 - 3 meters 3) ; Ultimate vacuum: single-stage is 6. 5 x 102 Pa, the double level 1 x 103 Pa.

roots vacuum pump has the following characteristics:

in a very wide range of pressure inside the large pumping speed;

fast start, can immediately work;

on pumping gas containing dust and water vapor is not sensitive;

the rotor without lubrication, no oil in the pump cavity;

small vibration, rotor dynamic balance state, no exhaust valve;

driving force is small, small mechanical friction loss;

the structure is compact, cover an area of an area small;

low operating and maintenance costs.

therefore, roots vacuum pump is widely used in metallurgical, petrochemical, paper, food and electronics industries.

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