The working principle and characteristics of centrifugal pump _

by:J&T     2020-07-01
Working principle of the centrifugal pump:

when a centrifugal pump is working, liquid pump shell, high-speed rotating impeller, liquid under the action of centrifugal force, high speed, high speed liquid by widening water pump shell channel, dynamic head is transformed into static head. Characteristics:

energy saving: centrifugal pump, hydraulic line and high efficiency is high.

easy installation and maintenance: vertical pipe structure, the import and export of the pump can be installed in any position and any direction, such as valves, installation and maintenance is very convenient.

operation is stable, safe and reliable: the motor shaft and the pump shaft coaxial connected directly, high concentricity, running stable, safe and reliable.

stainless steel liner: shaft seal position is relatively easy to rust. Once the direct coupling of the pump shaft rust, could easily lead to mechanical seal failure. Stainless steel sleeve inlays, avoid rust, improve life axis, reduce the operation and maintenance cost.

bearing: equipped with centrifugal pump of pump motor shaft end bearing adopts closed bearing. During normal use, to avoid the motor bearing maintenance.

the machine seal: mechanical seal base is made from rubber bellows structure in general. Traditional mechanical seal on the shaft of the line from the o-ring seal is changed to double sealed rubber parts, improve the sealing effect of the water medium.

multistage centrifugal pump working principle:

compared with single-stage centrifugal pump, multistage centrifugal pump in multistage pump has two or more of the impeller, able to absorb water and water pressure multistage in stages, so as to raise the water to the high. Elevator according to the need to increase or decrease the pump impeller's series.

multistage centrifugal pump has two types: vertical and horizontal. Multistage centrifugal water pump of pump shaft is equipped with two series of impeller, can achieve higher than single single-stage centrifugal pump.

characteristics: the multistage pump is mainly used for mine drainage, urban water supply and factory. Compared with the piston pump and diaphragm pump, reciprocating pump, can also pump flow. The multistage centrifugal pump with high efficiency and can meet high head, high flow conditions, has been widely used in petrochemical, chemical, electric power, building, fire and other industries.

due to its particularity, multistage centrifugal pump in the design, operation and maintenance aspects of a single-stage centrifugal pump with different and higher than the technical requirements.

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