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by:J&T     2020-05-28

vacuum pump application after a period of time, there will be a mechanical equipment aging, parts wear or destroyed, it is people to do well the maintenance maintenance and changing the relative parts. So in the whole process of vacuum pump maintenance, the problem of what must pay attention to? Below to let us together to master.

in the whole process of vacuum pump maintenance should check in time when coupling wear condition, wear big immediately when changing a coupling. Timely adjust the filling material screw cover, ensure the filling material the seepage status inside the room all normal ( With seeping into advisable) 。 In the whole process of vacuum pump maintenance must also check the vacuum pump pipe and connector is loose, rotary vacuum pump, hard look at the vacuum pump is a spirit.

vacuum pump maintenance, finds the condition of the oil leakage of words is the key in three parts, oil standard, sealing module and a rolling bearing pump seal. The key of the vacuum water pump oil leakage reason is sealing aging. This problem can be according to the changing relative spare parts in the repair process to deal with. After vacuum pump repair, remember clean automobile fuel tank, then introduce the vacuum pump oil.

in the whole process of vacuum pump maintenance, also must check the quality of refined oil products. Once found oil mildew, shall be immediately moved around the new oil, in order to ensure the normal operation of all vacuum pump. To the rolling bearing in the body and bearing lubricating oil. Observe the oil amount should be in the axis of the automobile engine oil mark. Grease shall be immediately moved around or fill.

vacuum pump maintenance, if not vacuum value of regulation, first should check the sealing of pump, check whether leakage, then open the valve, let the vacuum pump operation 3 ten minutes, to the best of vacuum pump in narrow steam, clear narrowing the dangers of steam for vacuum pump. If described means can not achieve ideal vacuum pump working pressure, should pay attention to the following content: the vacuum pump oil is by environmental pollution, is caused by oil dirties, pipeline blocking, filtering device is deformation, leaf is wear. Deformation, automatic exhaust valve deformation, etc. For vacuum pump pump shell for a comprehensive test, use the test equipment inspection is deformation, wear, etc. If you have wear, you must be changing relative note.

in the whole process of vacuum pump maintenance start motor, starting motor. Vacuum pump normal operation, open entrances barometer and channel vacuum pump, slowly open the cut-off valve, the other on the basis of moderate pressure check the motor load. All normal conditions, vacuum water pump repair should be undertaken in operation after 2000 hours, check the rubber aging level, check the automatic exhaust valve pieces have crack, and eliminate accumulation on the pump casing and automatic exhaust valve seat of stain. Clean up all the parts in vacuum pump room, such as motor rotor, motor rotor, yellow and so on. In general, clean and dry it car with petrol. Clean up after vulcanization rubber components, wipe with wet cloth. Cleaning and assembling, light, light, and in case of collision.

described by means of interpretation when the vacuum pump maintenance notice little knowledge, looking forward to see the can have certain help to you, if you want to master a large number of vacuum pump maintenance basic information about the water ring vacuum pump manufacturer, welcome to the online consultancy service.

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