The vacuum system of vacuum pump selection strategy - unit

by:J&T     2020-06-03

the function of the vacuum pump to remove gas molecules from the vacuum chamber, and reduce the pressure to achieve the required degree of vacuum in the vacuum chamber. In general, from the atmosphere to the extremely high vacuum has a large range, so far, none of the vacuum system can cover the scope. Therefore, in order to achieve different product process indicators, equipment efficiency and service life requirements, need for different vacuum section to select different vacuum system configuration. In order to obtain optimal configuration, when choosing vacuum unit system should consider the following:

1. The limit of the vacuum pump pressure technology to meet the work pressure. Usually, the limit of the selected pump pressure an order of magnitude lower than the technical requirements.

2。 Each pump has a certain working pressure range. As a result, the working point of the water pump should be chosen in this range, not allowed to exceed the permitted in case of work pressure to work long hours.

3。 Under the working pressure, the vacuum pump should be able to discharge all the gas produced in the process of vacuum equipment.

4。 Choose device vacuum unit:

( 1) When one cannot meet the requirements of extraction and vacuum pump, you need to several pump combination, complement each other, in order to meet the technological requirements.

( 2) Some of the vacuum pump can't work under atmospheric pressure, to vacuum; Some of the vacuum pump outlet pressure below atmospheric pressure, need a booster pump, so need to use a combination of all the pump. Through the combination of the vacuum pump, we call it a vacuum pump unit, it can gain better vacuum and vacuum system emissions. We should correct selection of combined type vacuum pump, because different vacuum pump to be pulled out of the gas have different requirements, such as: roots - Rotor machine is not suitable for under normal conditions contained more condensable gas system.

5。 When you select a oil seal pump, you should first know if your vacuum system of oil pollution requirements. If equipment strict with oil free, should choose all kinds of oil water pump, such as water ring pump, cryogenic pump, etc. If not strict, can choose the oil pump, and adopt some measures to prevent oil pollution, such as increasing cold trap and oil well, baffle, etc. Also can meet the requirements of clean vacuum.

6。 Understand to pumping gas composition. The gas does not contain condensable vapor, dust particles, corrosion resistance, etc. Choosing a vacuum pump, must understand the gas composition, and select the corresponding pump for pumping gas. If gas contains steam, particles and corrosive gas, should be considered in the inlet pipe of pump installation of auxiliary equipment, such as condenser and dust collector.

7。 Consider when choosing a oil seal vacuum pump vacuum pump oil vapor emission ( Soot) The impact on the environment. If you don't allow pollution environment, should choose oil-free vacuum pump, or the oil vapor emissions to the outside.

8。 Vacuum pump vibration of work whether affect the process and environment. If the process does not allow, should choose no vibration pump or vibration control measures.

9。 The price of the vacuum pump, operating and maintenance costs.

after considering a variety of situations, we can finally determine suitable for your solution:

( 1) The minimum investment cost.

( 2) The minimum production and operating costs.

( 3) A reasonable and balanced allocation of first two feasible solutions.

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