The vacuum system of vacuum hot water boiler _

by:J&T     2020-05-27

vacuum hot water boiler is widely used in the market, the current hot water and its thermal insulation of the boiler efficiency has been recognized by everyone, vacuum hot water boiler, generally by the chamber of a stove or furnace, electric device, sealing furnace shell, vacuum system, power system and temperature control system, etc. Sealing furnace shell welding stainless steel or carbon steel, sealing components are removable joint surface by vacuum sealing material. The vacuum hot water boiler operation of vacuum environment? What are the application in the vacuum system of vacuum hot water boiler work? Small make up for all the analysis of characteristics of vacuum hot water boiler and vacuum system works.

vacuum hot water boiler using special vacuum system have a wide range of applications, new development trend, in the field of civil heating has three loop structure, use the second USES threaded pipe smoke, enhanced heat transfer, the third light pipe. Effectively reduce the flue gas flow resistance and increase the hot surface, low heat medium temperature, heat transfer temperature difference is big, exhaust smoke temperature is low.

the vacuum system is mainly composed of a vacuum water pump, vacuum gauge, vacuum cans, integrated control boxes and other components, such as vacuum valve and other cold trap, through the vacuum pipeline, according to certain requirements of the combination of the device, and the suction device with the desired suction function. Its function is within the prescribed time, in order to obtain the vacuum of space, keep the vacuum, to ensure that the execution process and physical process in the system.

vacuum hot water boiler heat exchanger made of stainless steel, described in the inserted into the evaporation chamber, flange connection at both ends. Advantages: convenient disassembly, replacement of simple, not easy corrosion, easy cleaning and maintenance, durable.

vacuum system protection in general can be divided into two categories: vacuum system itself from damage, one is used to protect the vacuum system operators, maintenance personnel or other persons.

during the operation of the boiler need to keep vacuum set to keep and maintain the vacuum vacuum boiler efficiency of key points. In showing the vacuum hot water boiler system after the application of the vacuum, vacuum degree is higher, low boiling point temperature, vacuum hot water boiler water temperature is relatively low. So make sure the vacuum hot water boiler water temperature above 80 ℃, then the vacuum degree should be - 0. 5 - 0. 1 and between. In maintain the vacuum degree of vacuum hot water boiler during operation, and not by the leak detection procedure guarantee, rely on the processing steps of each step in order to ensure the final quality.

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