The vacuum pump vibration problem solution _

by:J&T     2020-05-30

small make up today provides you with some of the ways to solve the vacuum pump vibration for your reference.

a, install rubber isolator

rubber vibration isolator: the choice of material is generally neoprene ( C。 R) Natural rubber ( N。 R) ; Commonly used compression type rubber shock absorber, for light vacuum pump, can choose shear rubber shock absorber;

compared with spring shock absorber, rubber shock absorber's damping performance is relatively different.

2, install the spring isolator

1. Vacuum pump spring isolator selection

this utility model generally adopts the free-standing spring shock absorber, simple structure and low cost. Spring exposed, spring state at any time to observe, and change the preset for spring, and to avoid the excessive damage of spring rust, and lead to a vacuum pump to suddenly fall in device. The phenomenon such as damaged pipelines and torn.

2, spring's choice:

usually, damper manufacturers need to meet the following requirements: spring diameter should not be less than the rated load under the height of 0. Eight times. Spring must have certain additional trip, vortex flowmeter is at least equal to 50% of the rated static deflection; Horizontal rigidity is steel straightness of at least 100%, in order to ensure the stability of the damper.

3。 The choice of spring damper deflection;

usually, damper manufacturers rated rated deflection spring damper ( Spring compression rating) General is 25 mm ( From about 3 - The frequency of 4 hz value) , the deflection can be applied to the vibration of the vacuum pump of 650 RPM. When speed below 650, it is recommended to use deviation for 40 or more small spring vibration isolator. Third,

installation of solid base in order to meet the stricter standard of vibration, when to add solid base use spring isolator is undoubtedly the best choice.

strong base specification: the weight of the base of about 1 - the weight of the vacuum pump 2 times; Framework by tank iron, its height not less than 1/12 of the length, but not less than 150 mm, less than 300 mm; Width should cover the vacuum water pump, the remaining 10 - on each side 15 cm. The best coverage bay head; It's full of cement, and a layer of steel net, a third of the height; Add a spring isolator, keep the base and the base 3 - 5 cm distance.

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