The vacuum pump motor running abnormal _ how to solve

by:J&T     2020-05-29

what is the cause of the vacuum pump motor running abnormal? Improper operation and long running vacuum pump for the vacuum pump will increase vulnerability, but we must carefully check and solve the problem. In the process of overload operation and the operation of the vacuum pump motor, noise, rotating difficulties or card plug phenomenon caused adverse impact on us. The reasons and solutions all method is what?

lead to abnormal operation of vacuum pump motor and solve the

1, vacuum pump temperature is too high, can't solve all method:

( 1) Pumping gas temperature is too high. Solutions: before entering the vacuum pump, let gas cooling.

( 2) Will damage the vacuum pump at the bottom of the main body of suction hard objects. Solve the problem: should remove the vacuum pump, in order to remove the hard and scratch repair or replacement of parts.

( 3) Vacuum pump, the insufficient cooling water discharge to solve Fang Jiayong: should increase the cooling water flow.

( 4) Improper assembly, lead to the rotor axial displacement, resulting in the lopsided wear. Solve the problems of the party: open the packing, inspection and reassembled.

2, spring deformation or fracture, stress non-uniform rotating, ping. Solutions: replace the spring.

3, improper assembly, select worn on one side. Solve the problem of party; Reassemble.

4, the filter is damaged, scrap metal, glass crumbs fall into the vacuum water pump, run the obstacle. Solutions: the condition of vacuum pump to check, chip removal, repair or replace worn or damaged parts, and then install filters.

5, vacuum pump cavity severely contaminated, lead to parts of rust. Solve the problem of party; Remove the vacuum water pump to remove rust stain and oil change.

6, vacuum pump oil is cloudy, the viscosity increased. Solutions: replace vacuum pump oil.

7, vacuum pump cavity, shaft and bushing installed too tight, bad lubrication. Solutions: reassemble and clean up and adjust the oil, in order to enhance lubrication.

8, motor malfunction and generate noise. Solutions: repair the motor or add grease in the bearing.

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