The vacuum pump maintenance knowledge you have mastered it

by:J&T     2020-05-18
You need to understand the analysis and maintenance of vacuum pump knowledge

under the vacuum state, the thin degree of the gas is usually represented by a pressure value of gas. Obviously, the smaller the pressure value, gas is thinner. Motive force of the vacuum water pump technology development trend of technology development is the market demand. It has been widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, oil and medicine. Imported vacuum pump supplier will analysis about the main points of the vacuum pump maintenance for you.

1, before the high temperature and high temperature environment, a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the vacuum pump is very important. Usually, the vacuum pump during the work and work at the end of the preventive measures are basically the same with the traditional vacuum pump maintenance. Note that the working state of the vacuum pump, must be timely maintenance in time, in order to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum pump.

2。 In order to prevent the vacuum pump and vacuum pump under the sun, please try to vacuum pump in a cool place. Placed in the outdoor vacuum pump should not be exposed to the sun. In the work time, the temperature of the vacuum pump is high. If it is difficult to heat to send out the temperature of the vacuum pump will rise. Once the zero bound vacuum water pump temperature, mechanical failure occurs.

3。 Vacuum pump can be in ventilated place, can also be in the room is equipped with cooling device. The reason is the same, just in order to make the vacuum pump has better heat dissipation performance, and reduce the working temperature of vacuum pump as much as possible. Replacement of parts in a timely manner.

4。 To understand the type of pump, characteristics and current status. Objective to understand the requirements and to determine maintenance. Before repair, please prepare inspection method.

vacuum pump fault classification:

1, the fault can be divided into operation fault and performance.

2。 Operating faults may include useless, pump temperature is too high, oil spill, leak and maximum power over standard.

3。 Performance failure may include does not accord with a standard or unable to meet the requirements of extreme pressure, extreme pressure, pumping efficiency, noise, fuel injection, air performance and so on.

4。 Judge fault and confirm. Accurate judgment can save trouble. To confirm the diagnosis.

5。 Users should first clean toxic, harmful and corrosive pump, and shall inform the necessary protective measures, to protect the health of maintenance personnel.

6。 Troubleshooting, simplify first and then the complex, simple, it is difficult to imagine. Please do not remove to remove. In order to reduce new damage due to lack of special tools and incorrect operation, please reduce position change and running in time. Generally speaking, the joining together of rotor is sealed, otherwise will not be able to guarantee its shape and position tolerances and scrap the rotor.

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