The vacuum pump maintenance _ how to do

by:J&T     2020-05-29

in order to guarantee the performance of the vacuum pump and life expectancy, at ordinary times you pay attention to the maintenance of the vacuum pump. We need to pay attention to what?

1, check the vacuum pump oil

be sure to use clean and vacuum pump oil amount; Water pump operation condition and the pump oil change cycle is different, generally for two years, in addition to the regular inspection must be done. 2,

(1) the parameters of the vacuum pump oil viscosity: 68 #.

2. Mineral oil.

③2 l - 3L。

(4) the water pump oil recommended: vacuum pump oil.

3, the method of oil change

instrument closed light oil change, shut off the power switch device. Open drain plug, oil that can be used in the discharge into the appropriate container. When the oil flow is stopped, and then screw in discharge 10 seconds) In the remaining oil in the pump chamber is discharge, shut off the power, to play the open drain plug, emptying the remaining fuel drain plug screw in ( Check the o-ring, referred to replace damaged) 。 Unscrew note oil plug injection of new oil.

4, clean air inlet filter

this filter when use, because of the dust, grease and other pollutants will be adsorption and accumulated in filter page, lead to reduce the rate of extraction, and even blocked; Dirt into the pump chamber, and in the pump wear; According to the different conditions of need often use check filter. If the filter need to be cleaned, in order to remove the filter clean, reinstall after drying; If the damage need to change.


please be sure to cut off the power before checking, can't boot up during the inspection, otherwise there is risk of injury. As long as the pump stopped, the temperature of the pump is very high, so be sure to check again after pump temperature down completely, lest cause burns.

must be disconnected from the power of the pump and motor and temperatures is not high time to replace the oil pump.

specific types of vacuum pump please check the instructions, or consult after-sales staff.

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