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by:J&T     2020-06-04

to introduce a method of using power vacuum water pump unit. For steam turbine, the economy has a direct effect of vacuum on its operation. High vacuum degree, low exhaust steam pressure, the effective enthalpy decreased, circulating water, less heat along with unit with high efficiency. When air leakage into the condenser vacuum degree is reduced, the effective enthalpy decreased, circulating water take away heat. Therefore, the vacuum pump unit is an important part of the steam turbine, its sealing directly affect the whole economy and safety of the equipment operation. For this purpose, the national electric power industry standard strict requirements for vacuum pump unit strict requirements are put forward. However, due to the design, installation, operation and maintenance, many power plants have low vacuum during operation. Vacuum pump seal of the unit is reduced, it can also cause exhaust cylinder deformation and vibration. The air entering the condenser will also lead to the oxygen content of condensate is unqualified and corrosion of the boiler and steam turbine equipment. In order to solve the technical problems, set the vacuum pump unit in power plant, increase output, reduce the coal consumption of unit, achieve the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction, to ensure economic and safe operation of the unit, and to ensure that after treatment of leak, rigorous.

three 50% capacity of the water ring vacuum pump unit is equipped with mechanical vacuum pump, at boot time for the cylinder and establish certain vacuum degree, the condenser and the non-condensable gas turbine exhaust steam pump unit continuously keep the condensed water during normal operation. Vacuum equipment.

why vacuum pump? There are the following factors:

1, vacuum pump system and energy saving, power saving 110 kw per hour, can save about 400000 bills a year.

2, with the original vacuum pump impeller, compared to the spare parts such as disk its spare parts replacement maintenance cost is about 200000;

3, compared with the original vacuum pump, which can effectively raise the degree of vacuum, at the same time can reduce the coal consumption capacity.

in addition, the advantages of vacuum pump unit:

1, when need to vacuum source, can be in a very short period of time the vacuum degree necessary for the implementation.

2, vacuum source is more stable, is enough.

3, a system can be used for multiple workstations at the same time, and will not affect the operation between different units.

4, when stored in the vacuum source is sufficient in the pressure vessel, vacuum pump can stop working/stops rotating, prolong the residence time of the pump, thus reducing the pump, spare parts and oil losses, reduce the operating and maintenance costs, and reduce the noise in the workplace.

5, simple operation, easy to master.

according to the application effect and benefit of power plant vacuum pump unit, the original vacuum pump energy saving of 80%, under the condition of high work water can effectively improve the condenser vacuum summer temperature ( Under the condition of the same work) Compared with the traditional water ring vacuum pump is low. In addition, the import unit vacuum pump manufacturers show that it has a wide range of applications, such as vacuum pump factory units, CNC engraving machine, plastic machinery, printing, semiconductor application, binding machine, the photographic plate maker, vacuum packaging industry, space simulation, scientific research, hospital vacuum system, the environmental protection industry, electronic industry, laboratories, plastic industry, vacuum treatment and other industries.

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