The vacuum pump in energy storage industry market potential _

by:J&T     2020-07-02
What is the storage? What is the relationship between the vacuum pump and energy storage?

energy storage is called electric power energy storage system, today is to introduce the technical characteristics and classification of the energy storage. Characteristics into mechanical energy storage systems, energy storage technology of electrochemical energy storage system, electromagnetic energy storage system, the thermal energy storage system. Mechanical energy storage system is divided into pumped storage, compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage. Electrochemical energy storage system is divided into normal temperature secondary battery, high temperature batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, oxidation and concentrate the battery. Electromagnetic energy storage system is divided into super capacitor, and superconducting magnetic power. Thermal energy storage system is divided into molten salt heat storage technology of energy storage system. It can use to the vacuum pump in these industries. In lithium-ion battery energy storage, power transmission and transformation of electrical components, solar energy, super capacitor, wind power, these are all lead battery is vacuum pump pipe industry

China energy storage size of the market by the end of 2018, China has put energy storage project size is 31. 3 gw, total of 17 of the global market. Accounted for 3% of pumped storage size 29. 99 gigawatts (gw), 95 of the total energy storage size. Electrochemical energy storage accounted for 8%, 3. Electrochemical energy storage and 4% trend

electrochemical energy storage size for 1072. The accumulative total of 7 mw, including lithium ion battery installed size for 758. 8 mw, accounted for 70. Electrochemical energy storage capacity of 7% after 2013 are maintained double-digit growth, the growth in 2018 to 175. 2%

why vacuum pump in energy storage industry huge market 1. The 2018 white paper on energy storage industry research published

2. In 2019, the state grid company, southern power grid company have issued guidance to promote the development of energy storage

3. Further recommendations of electric power system reform, to promote market-oriented mechanism and price mechanism of energy storage policy will bring a new round of development

4. 'Scenery' infinite good, wind power and photovoltaic investment heat unabated

5. Increasingly improve heat energy storage investment, state grid investment in the grid side increase

6. The user side and grid side force twin-engined

7. Fossil energy proportion is still too high, new energy resources, including energy storage, subsequent high expectations

8. Early users more lateral displacement and the grid side have great potential for growth in demand for energy storage

9. Power battery is retired and ownership can dump is also a trend

10. Meet the power type and hybrid application of unconventional li-ion battery technology taking shape

11. Cost of offshore wind technology matures, declining

12. High temperature cell technology, hydrogen energy battery and super capacitor are also gradually break

in vacuum pump energy storage industry application prospect is promising. The market also will be more and more wide. Choose a vacuum water pump is shenzhen heng mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. The hotline - 0755 23062776

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