The vacuum pump application - vacuum conveying technology

by:J&T     2020-05-25

since the industrial revolution began, vacuum technology has been at the forefront of modern manufacturing technology. From 1800 the first manual vacuum pump in 1953 to the first industrial vacuum cleaners, vacuum technology is widely used in processing of powder and bulk solids transport, effectively solved the problem in mass production.

what is vacuum transportation?

vacuum powder conveying system is achieved by the vacuum suction lose powder, set filter and reverse blowing, discharging and body control, comprehensive factors in the integration of system. It is mainly used in powder material, the mixture of granular materials, powder materials such as transportation, in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food processing, additive manufacturing, aerospace and other industries is very popular.

the principle of vacuum generator

vacuum transportation originating in Europe. Due to the low level of technology, the early transport efficiency is relatively low. However, after years of practice and assembly parts update, vacuum transport now has developed to a fairly perfect level. Here are vacuum transportation experience of three generations of change in China:

the first generation: vacuum conveying technology originally applied in pharmaceutical field, using general industrial dust absorption as vacuum source, has been eliminated.

the second generation: industrial pump instead of industrial vacuum cleaners, using organic fiber filtering technology.

the third generation: the vacuum pump and the vacuum generator as vacuum source, on the filtration system is improved at the same time, greatly improving the stability of the system.

with the commonly used positive pressure conveying, pail, conveyor belt transmission mode, compared to vacuum conveying through customization and existing engineering systems, can solve many safe hidden trouble in production, improve work efficiency, reduce material loss. In addition, the most important thing is, it can also with mixer, granulator, tablet machine, coating machine, capsule filling machine, packaging machine, and other powder conveying technology can't compare with the main process equipment used in combination.

why do you choose vacuum transportation?

it is well known that the non-industrial sectors in terms of material performance, production regulations and safe there must be a very big difference. In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, for example, despite the fact that their products fine powder particles, even some of the products with the same composition, but their production laws and regulations, safety and quality control are completely different. As for other industries, the gap is even greater. Some industries using high strength, high hardness materials, other industry production hygroscopicity strong materials, in addition, additive manufacturing will use 4 ~ 5. 6 kg/m2 of overweight powder.

taking ten thousand steps back, even in the same industry, different users have different needs, for example, some people want a more complete automation; Some people want to be a cleaner working environment and lower labor and management cost. Some people's goal is to increase production. Different production conditions that a lot of transportation mode cannot cover all aspects, but these often can't avoid experienced vacuum transportation equipment manufacturers.

the first thing to know is that vacuum transport has the following advantages:

1. Fundamentally solve the problem of dust pollution in production;

2。 Eliminate electrostatic material;

3。 Automation, save Labour;

4。 Modular design, compact structure, convenient installation;

5。 High transmission efficiency.

therefore, vacuum transport itself has been able to meet the many production requirements.

column type vacuum receiver need apply to the material from the application of ground transportation to the processing or packaging equipment.

however, for the product difference big industry peers, vacuum conveying equipment can also be customized to fit the industry. For example, corresponding to different materials and transportation of the vacuum source is different. For a lighter products such as plastic pellets, vacuum water pump can be a fan. For the heavier powder, need vacuum generator, roots vacuum pump, vacuum pump water circulation and other high altitude, high air volume of equipment to complete the transfer.

in addition, the design of vacuum conveying system also could be adjusted according to the on-site production conditions. In pharmaceutical and other industries, for example, some medicines need to apply wax. Although send wax process is very simple, but the wax will be wrapped

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