The use of vacuum technology in edible fungi industry -

by:J&T     2020-05-15

the vacuum technology can be a variety of applications in the edible fungus industry. Today, screw vacuum pump manufacturers to see what they can have with everyone.

if the vacuum technology applied in the edible fungus industry, it may involve edible fungi cultivation and post processing.

training may involve in the process of vacuum applications include vacuum impregnation, vacuum pump, vacuum fermentation, vacuum cooling, etc. First of all, the training material for soaking in the water, and through vacuum impregnation fast evenly prewetting, create conditions for subsequent sterilization. Second, substrates in the process of transportation and feed can be transported by vacuum suction for more, avoid the material leakage and pollution. Then in the fermentation process of substrates, vacuum bubbled into oxygen after fermentation, fermentation process can realize uniform, shorten the fermentation period at the same time, the waste gas is much easier to handle; The mixed bacteria inside the bag vacuum sterilization and cooling process, make more thorough sterilization process, shorten the processing time, reduce the space occupied, avoid the pollution, improve the edible fungus production.

in addition to the training process, storage and processing of edible fungus after harvest may involve vacuum preservation, vacuum drying and other operations. In order to prevent the breathing of post-harvest of edible fungi, vacuum preservation can be used to extend the storage time. Demand for black fungus and tremella reprocessing would involve vacuum drying and other applications, in addition, may also involve vacuum precooling, vacuum cooling, vacuum impregnation, etc.

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