The use of vacuum pump system in the distillation purification device -

by:J&T     2020-05-28

raw materials purification equipment technology, a kind of distillation purification device vacuum water pump system. In the process of chemical processing, for the purification of raw materials or manufactured goods is critical in the way of purification according to the different chemical raw materials necessary to choose the way is different also, in some of the key stage even distillation refining, but currently chooses distillation plant most of all a distilling is finished, the purity of distilling purified usually such is relatively low, if several distillation purification must must continue to carry out the actual operation, extravagance and waste a lot of money, to the distillation refining work produced very big difficulty coefficient, so that a kind of purification technology has shortcomings, people must do with the matter of distillation purification unit to carry out the innovation. Vacuum high-tech professional and technical personnel highly recommended for the use of vacuum pump system in the distillation purification device, which can deal with the problem.

vacuum distillation with melting point decrease, dissolved polymer of risk factors for lower. According to the actual operation is not the same as the working pressure of system software, vacuum distillation can be divided into:

1) Relieve pressure distillation ( 1. 33 x10 ⁴ Pa) ;

2) Vacuum distillation ( 1. 33X10⁴~266. 6Pa) ;

3) High vacuum distillation ( 266. 6 to 1. 33Pa) ;

4) Quasi molecular distillation ( 1. 33 ~ 1. 33XPa) ;

5) The molecular structure of distillation ( 1. 33 others) of the following 。

vacuum distillation is carried out under the stress, generally used to separate under superheated steam heating and melting point is easy to dissolve in chemicals, or with other distillation methods ( Such as steam distillation) Fusion to reduce distillation temperature and improve separation efficiency. Metal alkoxide material such as separation of purified. Deep vacuum distillation to some kinds of special gas purification.

for vacuum distillation purification process, if can appropriately chosen vacuum pump and vacuum water pump system, as well as all normal operation is very easy to do. Before distillation purification process, should consider limiting vacuum of vacuum pump system, vacuum system, the total throughput, the flow of the system software and its pump pump efficiency best category, etc.

vacuum pump system:

consists of vacuum pumps, vacuum gauge, vacuum tank, control integrated box and its components such as vacuum gate valve, such as cold trap, with the vacuum line, according to certain rules, and have the required vacuum vacuum device. It is the responsibility of the within a specific time, indoor space by vacuum, to maintain the vacuum, guarantee a certain processing technology in the system software process or physics process execution.

the characteristics of vacuum system for:

1. Low noise, low vibration.

2。 Evaporative cooling, convenient is very easy.

3。 In the high temperature operation under the natural environment is still good.

4。 Under low vacuum pressure remained stable vacuum rate.

5。 Built-in filter and filter unit, achieve high width than the blocking effect.

6。 Embedded, to avoid vacuum oil driven back.

7。 Simple structure, small size and save interior space.

8。 Intelligence definition, can cooperate with each other very equipped with customers.

9。 Very easy to maintenance.

in the distillation purification device of the vacuum pump system using the expected effect, can reduce the distillation temperature, reduce the risk of the commodity decomposition reaction, distillation time everything is normal, the product quality and processing rules. And according to the distillation of chemical raw materials purchase again again again distillation, do several distillation purification goal quickly, make its distillation refining high purity, and high degree of automation, save a lot of money.

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