The use of - vacuum pump in the vacuum packing industry

by:J&T     2020-05-31

the application of the vacuum pump in the vacuum packing industry

the application of vacuum packaging more and more widely, the early in our country, vacuum packing has been applied in pickle of pickled vegetables, such as packaging. Packed pickle storage for 60 days, the quality is normal, colour and lustre is changeless, after 300 days is slightly dark red. Later, vacuum packaging products are widely used. For example, packaging good roast chicken, braised chicken, pig's feet, donkey meat, no meat, sausage, etc. Can be seen everywhere in the market.

vacuum packing can extend the storage life of the cake, especially the relatively high water content of cake store in atmosphere turned bad quickly. Once, for example, high temperature, high humidity, cake mold soon. If you use the vacuum packing, cakes can be stored for several weeks. The packaging material is a kind of good air resistance and moisture resistance of the composite membrane.

green tea can vacuum packing, in order to prevent oxidation and aroma loss. Packaging material is a thin film with high oxygen resistance, such as stretching polypropylene, polyethylene vinylidene chloride, polyethylene, kraft paper, etc. Usually composed of multilayer composite packaging film. Aluminum foil should join the compound layer thickness is commonly 7 mm to 12 mm, vacuum evaporation can substitute for aluminum foil. With aluminum barrier layer, the light can stop illuminate tea, in order to avoid cracking.

north and south in China people like to eat rice cakes, can through the long-term preservation of vacuum and high temperature and pressure sterilization, very suitable for free market sales. Heating, packaging and sterilization, the film should have high strength, heat resistance and good air tightness. The thickness of the polyethylene film used for 60 70 m。

bean paste is the spice of a beloved. In the prepared sauce containing yeast. Under certain temperature and humidity, the yeast will proliferate, carbon dioxide, to paste the sparkling, and further lead to mold and discoloration. Inhibition of yeast can be done by heating or adding additives. If using high resistance materials for vacuum packaging, not only convenient than bottling, and preservation effect is good, greatly extend the storage time. Usually using composite film packaging, lining thickness of the polyethylene generally 50 m to 70 m.

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