The use of the vacuum pump unit _

by:J&T     2020-05-30

there are many types of vacuum water pump unit, they have many parts, such as water tank, check valve, etc. Vacuum pump unit can be combined into many types, they consume little energy and high vacuum degree, and is able to move. Let's take a closer look at the vacuum pump unit.

in the first place, if the installation location is very uneven, will affect their work, should be installed in a very flat, so no big noise, and is good for the machine, must ensure that the strength. If you want to stop equipment, shut off steam valve, stop the water pump, and then open the valve, vacuum degree decline, let the machine does not work, do not form a suction or damage to the equipment.

second, vacuum pump unit should be very tight, otherwise you will have a lot of harm. If a large amount of air into the system and the machine did not immediately clean up into the air, the pressure and temperature of the gas will rise, and the total efficiency of the unit will increase. It will fall, will consume more power, some components can't run smoothly.

in the end, even into the vacuum pump gas was immediately pulled out of the unit, the load on the vacuum water pump will increase, it will waste of electricity and water. Into the air will increase supercooling degree and reduce other aspects of condenser. Increase the dissolved oxygen in the water, etc. , sometimes corrosion of equipment.

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