The use of the textile industry in the roots vacuum pump _

by:J&T     2020-05-18

textile industry is the production of consumer goods industry, including textiles, food, paper making, ceramics, bicycles, sewing machines, watches, leather, handicrafts and other handicrafts, such as dozens of production and consumption of information industry, is an important part of national economy. This article focuses on the textile industry knowledge polyester chip, and the influence of the roots vacuum pump used in the textile industry.

in the textile industry, direct spinning and slice spinning have what different?

in terms of meaning refers to the direct spinning made from chemical reaction of polyester melt, directly use pipes to send to spinning and finishing methods to produce polyester fiber. Slice spinning refers to polyester chip drying, spinning and finishing methods to produce polyester fiber.

for working procedure, the slice spinning process is more complex, investment in equipment, workshop area and power consumption are higher than direct spinning, but their production flexibility, transform breed easily. And direct spinning is only suitable for single variety, the mass production.

roots vacuum pump structure within the roots vacuum pump cavity, there are two '8' glyph of rotor mutual vertically installed on a pair of parallel axis, the transmission ratio of 1 pair of gear drive to make each other's reverse synchronous rotation. Between the rotor, the rotor and the pump shell wall between, keep a certain gap, can realize high speed running. Because of the roots vacuum pump is a vacuum pump without internal compression, compression ratio is very low, usually so high, the vacuum pump need backing pump. The limit of the roots vacuum pump vacuum besides depending on the water pump itself structure and manufacturing precision, also depends on the limit of vacuum pump before. In order to improve the limiting vacuum pump, roots pump series can be used.

roots vacuum pump USES and characteristics of

1, low noise, High precision dynamic balancing) 。

2, which can realize overload protection ( Relief valve set) 。

3, in a wider range of pressure pumping speed greatly.

4, but in addition to the high boiling point working medium ( Gas protection device Settings) 。

5, convenient detection ( With test joint) into the vent 。

6, to be drained gas containing dust and water vapor is not sensitive.

7, small driving power.

8, roots vacuum pump is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, electronics, electric light source.

textile industrial polyester slice dry vacuum pump adopts the roots vacuum pump, water can make the sliced the percent of pass is up to 100%, especially the high temperature discharging, can improve the spinnability of spinning, in order to improve the rate of grade a spinning plays a role that nots allow to ignore.

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