The use of the rotary vane vacuum pump in the vacuum molding _

by:J&T     2020-05-25

modelling, also known as vacuum molding. At present, the molding technology has become one of the world's advanced modelling. It is used in the production of all kinds of castings of various kinds of casting alloy. According to the market demand, in order to improve casting quality and reduce the cost, this paper proposes a rotating thin film. Vacuum water pump in the vacuum in the process of vacuum forming solution can improve the quality of castings, both inside and outside, reduce the production cost of castings, reduce the labor, to create more benefit, and competition in the market.

vacuum forming technology has the following characteristics:

( 1) Castings are of good quality and dimensional accuracy can reach GB5 ~ 7, the surface roughness can reach 25 ~ 6. 3μm;

( 2) The casting cost is low;

( 3) Good working conditions;

( 4) Reduce capital investment;

( 5) Automatic molding line productivity is still lower than high pressure molding line and air punch forming production line, the productivity of the production of the shape of the casting can't be too complicated, it is best not to have a core.

vacuum seal modelling applications

grey iron parts: machine tools, with T slot machine tool working platform, base on drilling machine, rock drilling machine, crank, balance weight, forklift counterweight, gear case, vortex furnace, bath, body, car wheel, brake drum, pump impeller, pump head castings, pulley, etc.

: ductile iron pipe fittings, valves, such as shell

steel: valve, lining, pillow, rear axle, cabinets, etc.

however, some of the castings with complex geometry needs to combine with other processes, such as resin sand, coating sand and disappear bubble, and solve difficult complex castings to cover is feasible.

used for vacuum forming process of vacuum pump system consists of vacuum pumps, vacuum tank, filtering tank and piping. Design and in the formation of a vacuum pump system, it is necessary to prevent dust or fine penetration influence the properties of vacuum pump and vacuum pump. Used for modeling of the vacuum pump with wet and dry two versions. In Japan, it is usually installed on the ground. For laminating, molding and casting, pump is wet wet pump, the water ring vacuum water pump, the water seal, and is used to on the road for casting. . The choice of vacuum pump and pumping ability is the key to the success of the model. Usually, in the production of high vacuum degree which is about 66. 7 kpa, rotary vane vacuum pump can meet the requirements.

rotary vane vacuum pump features:

1. Low noise, low vibration, long life, permanent magnet, safe and convenient;

2, can match the stainless steel oil mist filter, independent tank design, oil mist collector, prevent oil mist scattered in the air, reduce air pollution in laboratory;

3, can be used in the laboratory high flow, high vacuum, such as vacuum drying oven, vacuum filter, vacuum drying oven, centrifugal concentration machine, etc.

rotary vane vacuum pumps can remove dry gas in the sealed container, and if the gas ballast device installed, you can remove a certain amount of condensable gases. However, it is not suitable for removal of oxygen is exorbitant, corrosive to metal, have chemical reactivity to water pump oil, and gas containing dust particles.

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