The use of the roots vacuum pump in the vacuum precooling -

by:J&T     2020-05-25

at present, most of the vacuum pump is used in the vacuum precooling device rotary-vane vacuum pump. Although with a gas ballast device of the rotary vane pump can remove mixed gas containing a small amount of water vapor and a large number of permanent gases, but in the process of vacuum precooling, due to the moisture evaporation inside the vegetable, a large number of water vapor will be pumped into the rotary vane pump, water vapor condensation in the pump chamber. This will lead to a vacuum pump oil emulsification, seriously affect the vacuum pump can achieve ultimate pressure, reduce the lubrication performance, increase the wear and tear, can't work normally, even cause the pump body, rotor parts such as serious corrosion, result in scrap. Therefore, recommend the roots vacuum pump application in the vacuum precooling device.

vegetables after harvest precooling is keep vegetable fresh vegetables and delay ageing, the effective method of metamorphism. For different vegetables, can adopt the cold air precooling, differential pressure precooling and vacuum precooling and water precooling. Vacuum cooling in the roots vacuum pump has been widely used in food industry. Compared with the traditional cooling methods such as blowing and soaking, vacuum precooling can greatly shorten the cooling time, make the temperature field of the food more evenly. Obviously, from the point of view of keeping fresh, vacuum precooling device is by far the most ideal vegetable cooling and refrigeration equipment.

vacuum cooling system includes a vacuum chamber, and vacuum pump, vacuum pump as the roots vacuum water pump. Roots pump: ensure that should be noticed in running in vacuum pump inlet temperature as close as possible to design operating conditions and enough water. ( 2) To ensure that the vacuum pump cooling water circulation, otherwise the unit will run 1 hour downtime because of roots pump overheating protection.

roots vacuum pump product features:

1. Motor diversity

each roots vacuum water pump motor can air cooling or water cooling, to ensure the normal use of the customer

this pump is made from aluminum alloy or cast iron, has the advantage of fast heat dissipation, strong corrosion resistance.

2。 Simple structure, convenient maintenance

rotor type line through careful design and production of circular arc rotor, the design of pump is more compact.

pumping effect is more prominent, pumping speed level than with other manufacturers have greatly improved.

maintenance is also very convenient, the maintenance cost is very low.

3。 Gao Qingjie vacuum

in the pump chamber of roots pump can not react with air medium

ensure pumping gas from secondary pollution, realize Gao Qingjie vacuum.

4。 General water pump booster pump

roots pump is also called the booster pump, it can be with screw pump, water pump, water ring pump and plunger pump connection.

molecules of pumps and other pumps, greatly improves the pumping speed of pump and vacuum degree.

under normal circumstances, vacuum degree can be 10 times higher than!

can be seen from above, compared with the rotary vane vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump in the vacuum chamber pressure at the same time the basic e. , down to the same effect. When testing a small amount of vegetables, however, because the roots pump can absorb a certain amount of water vapor, so there is no lubricating oil emulsification problem, also will not affect the operation of the vacuum pump conditions, so there is no need to increase the cooling system. Roots vacuum pump application in the vacuum precooling device not only prolong the service life of the vacuum pump, and save the cost.

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