The use of the roots vacuum pump in the vacuum aluminum plating film _

by:J&T     2020-05-25

vacuum aluminum plating film is a kind of vacuum deposition metal film. It is in the high vacuum ( 10 millibars or higher) Heated by resistance, high frequency, or electron beam melting and evaporation, adhesion to the film on the surface of the base material. In the process of forming composite membrane, on the surface of plastic or paper very thin metal plating on aluminium, to be aluminum or aluminum film plated on paper. In order to make aluminum plating film with excellent performance and economic appearance of new composite membrane, applied to the aluminum plating film roots vacuum pump.

compared with aluminum foil composite materials, aluminum plating film has the following features:

( 1) Greatly reducing the use of aluminum, save the energy and materials, reduce the cost. The thickness of composite aluminum foil for 7 GPM, aluminized film aluminum layer thickness is about 0. 05 n, aluminum consumption is about the aluminum foil. 1/140 ~ 1/180, production speed of up to 450 m/min.

( 2) Excellent bending resistance and good toughness, pinhole and fracture rare, no crack and craze, thereby improving the gas, water vapor, smells, light barrier property, etc.

( 3) Excellent metal luster, light reflectivity of 97%; It can form a color film coating process, its adornment effect is beyond the scope of the aluminum foil.

( 4) Can be part of the aluminized by shielding for any design or transparent window, and you can see the contents.

( 5) Aluminized layer has good electrical conductivity, can eliminate electrostatic effect; The sealing performance is good, especially in the packing of powder products, not pollution sealing parts, guarantees the packing sealing performance.

( 6) For printing, compound, such as post-processing has good adaptability.

why did you choose the roots vacuum pump? Can we learn from its performance characteristics and advantages to analyze it.

Germany roots vacuum pump has the following characteristics:

1. Over a very wide scope of pressure there is a large pumping speed;

2。 Quick start and immediately began to work;

3。 For pumping gas containing dust and water vapor is not sensitive;

4。 The rotor without lubrication, the pump cavity without oil;

5。 Small vibration, rotor dynamic balance in good condition, no exhaust valve;

6。 Driving force is small, small mechanical friction loss;

7。 Compact structure, cover an area of an area small;

8。 Low operating and maintenance costs.

due to the transmission structure using the flexible hydraulic equipment, superior roots vacuum pump has the following features:

1. In reducing by-pass pipe and valve configuration or omit inverter, the overall pumping speed of traditional booster pump can be obtained.

2。 Compared with the traditional direct links between the transmission, even if the inlet pressure suddenly changes or inhaled foreign body, pump is not easy to damage.

3。 Roots water pump can water pump before start at the same time, under the atmospheric pressure and can work on the whole process of emptying in advance, thereby significantly reducing pumping time.

due to the diversity of the roots vacuum pump motor, simple structure, easy maintenance, clean and high vacuum degree, and the characteristic of the general pump/pump power, aluminum plating film has become a kind of excellent performance, economical and practical new type of composite membrane. Appear. Replace the aluminum foil composite materials. Is mainly used to flavor food, daily necessities, agricultural products, medicine, cosmetics and cigarettes packaging.

need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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