The use of the heat pump and leaking remedy _

by:J&T     2020-05-14

the application of heat pump, hot water is established out-of-the-box, without waiting for, make domestic comfort is improved with hot water, at the same time heat pump can also be more constant temperature water supply, floor water, wash bath more intelligent priority, quickly and easily. In order to effectively guarantee the working efficiency of the heat pump and improve the service life of equipment, you need to pay attention to the following method in use.

1, if you don't use for a long time, will heat the water water pump is put in a dry, clean and no corrosive gas environment.

2, regular fatliquoring on heat pump for operation, high temperature water pump for high speed running, grease volatile, therefore, necessary for bearing lubrication can keep clean, and note the change.

3, regular heat pump for overhaul, overhaul contents include: internal wiring, plugs, switches are in good condition, whether the insulation resistance is normal, brush the tailstock is loose, commutator and brush contact is good, the armature winding stage expansion of the stator windings have moderate open circuit phenomenon, whether the damage of bearing and rotating parts and so on.

4, high temperature water pump need to pay attention to the insulation resistance, long on or in damp environment use electric pump water pump, before use must use 500 v megohmmeter measure the insulation of the winding resistance. Such as winding and insulation resistance between the motor housing is less than 7 megohm when necessary to dry the winding.

5, the overhaul, the gear pump to save each parts, it is important to pay special attention to the explosion-proof explosion-proof surface of part, including hair, insulation gasket and the sleeve can't make its damage, if there is damage, must change the new parts, same not using the below alternative materials or the performance of the original raw materials specifications of parts, assembly all parts should be packed according to the original position, can not be missed.

if you find that machines are working on the launch of the heat pump is leaking, not immediately suspend their work, should insist on low speed, to add water and water cooling system, make a cool machine, short time, low speed, near to shelter to wipe out. If it is encountered some break and leakage and heat pump shell or high temperature inside the pump parts damaged and lost pump water effect, appropriate, replace the related parts, cleaning problems.

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