The use of the aviation industry in screw vacuum pump _

by:J&T     2020-06-30

main simulator experiment content and its requirement for vacuum degree is a very important content in the aerospace industry. Generally speaking, the ordinary people are hard to reach it, so it is more mysterious. Vacuum pump manufacturers have popularity and aviation. Aerospace related knowledge of vacuum technology application. Application of screw vacuum pump in the aviation industry is mainly used in space environment simulation. Aerospace activities are basically in a natural vacuum, not only influenced by vacuum environment, and influenced by all kinds of solar radiation and charged particles. Therefore, it is necessary to simulate similar universe vacuum environment and various tests carried out.

is human space exploration, puts forward higher requirements on space technology. Space environment simulator is to ensure that the spacecraft launch, operation and return to the safe operation of the main equipment in the process of. Vacuum environment is the space environment simulator on the ground. An important part of the simulation.

the main link between vacuum technology and aerospace technology from space environment simulation, because such as carrier rocket, satellite and manned spacecraft, the space station, space probe and the space shuttle and the space aircraft are flying on the space. It is in the nature of the universe in a vacuum. As a result, in addition to the space vacuum environment directly affected, they also exposure to the sun radiation, the influence of all kinds of charged particles and temperature. These factors can lead to the change of material properties or damage; The sensitivity of the failure will damage the work of the aircraft, and even the astronaut's casualties. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a simulated the ground space of the space environment simulation experiment device. Because in the simulation experiments of all kinds of plane before it is only through the ground. Work conditions and characteristics of master spacecraft in space, to eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers in flight, can guarantee the safety of the aircraft and crew. In order to meet these requirements, established it on the ground simulation device at present.

screw vacuum water pump with clean and oil free, pumping speed, small vibration, low noise advantages, has become a large space to simulate the vacuum system of choice. In addition, in order to improve the pumping speed of vacuum unit and the ultimate vacuum, reduce the size of the screw pump, generally USES the roots vacuum pump and the screw vacuum pump unit composed of two levels. Vacuum pump. A three-stage unit, made up of two roots pump in series with a screw vacuum pump. In order to prevent the impurity particles into the pump, the entrance of the inlet filter is placed in a vacuum device, precision of 50 microns.

about screw vacuum pump application in the aerospace industry, take longer to a more in-depth study. Because as time goes on the change of vacuum technology and researchers of research work, I believe in the near future, vacuum pump can be used in the application is currently not place, we always adhere to our professional technology and can guide vacuum water pump industry to a higher position.

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