The use of single screw pump performance characteristics is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-27

single screw water pump belongs to a positive displacement pump, relying on a eccentric exercise of stationary stator and rotor, the interference fit between the form without feeling sealed cavity, through the rotation of the rotor on the stator internal, make the seal chamber drawing axial moving outlet, the inlet side of the water pump, so that the media through the pump seal cavity to realize the process of delivery. The use of screw pump is very much also, for the performance characteristics of many users is not very understanding, here are the use of performance and characteristics of screw pump what;

screw pump for liquid high solid content ( Sewage can be up to 45%) , a variety of different viscosity ( Up to 1000000 mPa. s) Of liquid with solid particles or fibrous material, high shear sensitivity or vulnerable to centrifugal force of medium, and multiphase mixture containing gas, solid and liquid medium such as transmission, pump used in some special condition.

the characteristics of the screw pump are:

1, high pump efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption, volumetric efficiency can reach more than 95%, the mechanical efficiency of up to 65 ~ 85%.

2, conveying no pulse, realize the continuous conveying, little influence on shear on the transmission medium, the flow rate is proportional to the speed strictly, suitable for measurement.

3, small runtime mechanical vibration, low noise, is not sensitive to transport medium containing gas and solid particles, do not need special tools to the water pump for routine maintenance.

4, change the installation location does not affect the pump work, can install multiple perspectives, strong self-priming capacity, on the suction height of 8 meters.

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