The use of roots vacuum unit specification and matters needing attention _

by:J&T     2020-05-23

the correct use of roots vacuum unit is very important, in use process must master the use of norms and matters needing attention, avoid error operating losses. I will take you carefully look at below.


1. 1 operate personnel must be acquainted with product specification.

1。 2 in the product before use to ensure that the product has no place for too long is produced by environmental factors lead to the product factors.

1。 3 when abnormal sound and vibration is found in a work should stop.

1。 4 electrical equipment enclosure must be grounded or zero.

2, preparation before starting the

2. Check the water pump (1 Before the pump) Whether the water level reached more than three-quarters of the water tank, if less than the sum.

2。 2 check the water tank use clean, do not allow with sewage containing the sediment, to avoid blocking line, increase the pump impeller wear, motor load breakdowns, affect the service life of the water pump.

2。 3 check the middle and primary pump pump oil level of lubrication in the body height, must reach more than three-quarters of the oil window, at the same time to check the oil color, such as maintenance of milky white or black impurity is more notice change of lubricating oil.

2。 4 check in the middle of main pump and pump water circulating cooling water are in good condition, open circulating cooling water valve of imports and exports, check whether the circulation cooling in and out of the water is normal.

2。 5 check whether intermediate buffer tank drain valve at the bottom of the pump is shut down.

2。 6 check the vacuum pump unit circuit in good condition and control cabinets of various instructions, etc.

2。 Unit 7 check vacuum pump electrode contact pressure gauge intermediate pump, main pump start-up pressure is normal, Intermediate start pump inlet pressure of 0. More than 065 mpa, start the main pump inlet pressure to zero. More than 085 mpa) 。

2。 8 for the above items check confirmed rear can start the vacuum unit.

3, operation attention

3. 1 vacuum unit in the process of running noise should be uniform, without noise and abnormal vibration in the operation of all rules.

3。 2 pay attention to the load of the motor and pump parts temperature rise, under normal circumstances, the highest temperature rise of the pump shall not be more than 40 ℃, the highest temperature work shall not exceed 80 ℃.

3。 3 when a leak is found in the work, should immediately stop work, inspect, repair after pressure relief. Don't allow the discovery of oil leakage phenomenon, still continue to work or bring pressure for maintenance.

3。 4 in the workplace must ensure that the normal pass in and out of the circulating cooling water.

4, vacuum unit start

4. Among 1 to open the pump and the main import and export of circulating cooling water pump valve, to ensure that the circulating cooling water in and out of the normal.

4。 Buffer tank drain valve shut off water pump, start the water pump, to run normally, Motor and pump noise balanced) Before, slowly open the water pump on the by-pass pipe valves and roots vacuum pump inlet valve.

4。 3 for the system pressure after reaching middle water pump set to allow inlet pressure, start the middle pump, such as using automatic control block, directly to the automatic control block, unit start-up process is automated.

4。 4, such as manual control, when the pump outlet pressure after reaching allows a pump inlet pressure, start the main pump.

5, vacuum machine stop

5. 1 to control the handle into the manual vacuum unit control ark, close the roots vacuum pump intake valves, and vacuum system partition.

5。 2 according to the main pumps, intermediate grade water before order, step by step stop pump, it is forbidden to make wrong stop.

5。 Level 3 before stop water pump, first open the buffer tank drain valve, water pump stop pump after shutdown.

5。 Four import and export valve closed circulating cooling water.

5。 5 open the water pump of buffer tank drain valve, clean up its oil and condensate water.

5。 6 if long time stop using or in cold season, parking in the back of immunity against memory water pump enclosure, rotary water pump will pump body drain plug water net, avoid frost crack box, the pump body; The same roots vacuum water pump will pump in the water jacket cooling water discharge to avoid frost crack.

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