The use of negative pressure vacuum method

by:J&T     2020-05-18

negative pressure roots vacuum pump actual operation simple and easy to drive, but it is not, there is a lot of professional knowledge, to share with everyone today is negative pressure roots vacuum pump start and termination of practical matters:

1, the application of negative pressure before the roots vacuum pump in vacuum, should start the vacuum pump running up and down, twenty minutes after being oil temperature, smoke valve door open generator unit in vacuum;

2, generating set of pumping air into vacuum state, should open the gas ballast valve, let the steam evaporate immediately; And perform regularly play open to the public release condensate oil hole ( Twenty minutes at a time) ;

3, operation process, such as vacuum degree is very poor, the suction valve is normally open too big, too fast, or pump out easily in aqueous solution;

4, oil on the bottom of condensate drainage, immediately in case into the vacuum pump, destruction of vacuum water pump;

5, negative pressure roots vacuum pump stop before use, turn off the generator set after the suction valve, vacuum pump should run twenty minutes again, let the sufficient water vapor evaporation inside the water pump, to avoid erosion inside water pump;

6, negative pressure roots vacuum pump operation memory non-condensable gas, can really starting to carry out vacuum;

7, blindly following vacuum to it, just in case lead to the destruction of the roots vacuum pump and vacuum negative pressure is reduced.

application of vacuum suction station system should pay attention to?

1。 Vacuum pressure controller can set the vacuum on the low limit in 0 101. Among 3 kpa, error less than 1%. Vacuum station air compressor air tank according to the customers' manufacturing, generally in 0. Among 065 ~ 3 m3. After vacuum station starting, the vacuum degree of the vacuum can keep on the setting of lower limit in the middle.

2。 Vacuum suction station system software use Chinese well-known brand vacuum pump, can use on the basis of gas ( Rotary vane, water circulation) Equipped with.

3。 Air compressor station each pump are to set up a set of cheer electromagnetic induction non-return valve, avoid common faults vacuum pump oil.

4。 Manufacturing industry can according to customer design metal materials or dust filter, vacuum collecting machine equipment reasonable maintenance.

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