The use of imported vacuum pump on the medical enterprise -

by:J&T     2020-05-17

in view of the medical enterprise, in view of the hospital outpatient service and medical institutions, the configuration of a reliable machine equipment is particularly important. Vacuum pump for medical cause for the high efficiency solutions. Import vacuum pumps used in medical and mechanical key are: steam sterilization, suction equipment, air bed, protective clothing, oral therapy apparatus, a central system the ultrafiltration device, etc. Vacuum pump high-tech flagship product of key commodity import vacuum pumps, vacuum pump, vacuum pump, dry try extruder screw vacuum water pump, oil free import vacuum pumps, oil-free piston vacuum pump and the ultrafiltration device, it follows that we come to talk about the use of imported vacuum pump on the medical enterprise.

with the vacuum equipment of its use in the manufacture and scientific research industry category of gas pressure regulation becomes more and more wide, most must be made up of several types of vacuum pump vacuum pump vacuum after each vacuum system software can consider to manufacture and scientific research process, because the pressure of the vacuum pump using the unit involved in the category of a very wide, so all a kind of vacuum pump pressure is unlikely to be completely applicable to all categories, only the categories according to different pressure and different work standards, application of different kinds of vacuum pump.

import vacuum pump on the medical enterprise using the

choose imported vacuum pump person blood began into the market, after a few decades, choose person type vacuum pump long-term storage of aorta, human bones, skin, cornea and nerve tissue in work in various organs, such as make up slowly. Because of the person who can keep living cells not destroyed, after the person who plant still has vitality. After water, plants can be resurrected replantation. With research trend of the development of medical science, other organs of the body also is expected to person storage, facilitate resurrected replantation.

vacuum drying is according to the boiling temperature of the liquid in the vacuum pump standard, namely, even under the cryogenic liquid will evaporate characteristics of physics. In pocket hole area, for example, after cleaning liquid is still there, but can't use other ways to remove, and vacuum drying makes it volatilizes quickly as residual liquid steel surface.

once work lumen was required to live parts of cleaning and sealing, must be under pressure from about 100 mbar work by using a vacuum pump vacuum packing. Cleaning material according to the lumen are working in a centrifugal pump. Vacuum chamber to ensure that the cleaning fluid into the least cavity, for example, because of the spacing of the gas, jack is can not be ignored. Then the cleaning process can have a variety of different processes. Generally contain covered and the spray cleaning process. Sometimes use ultrasonic cleaning, this process usually with in one or several cleaning circulation system. After the cleaning fluid is suck, the specific vacuum drying process. Here, in the process of a job within the lumen of pressure according to import vacuum pumps gas pumping after a further reduction. And this time the steam by the vacuum pump suction and migrate to the exhaust pipe.

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