The use of chemical centrifugal pump in the oil industry is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-24
In petroleum, chemical production, chemical centrifugal pump usage or 70 ~ 80% of the total pump. Uniform chemical centrifugal pump has a wide range, flow performance, simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance, and many other advantages, so the centrifugal pump is widely used in industrial production. Understand and master the common standard of centrifugal pump, and according to the different equipment, different condition to choose standard, satisfy centrifugal pump, safe operation and energy saving requirements for a long period of time, it is very necessary. 1, standard in the field of petroleum, chemical industry, the use of centrifugal pump is international standard API610, ISO5199 and ANSIB73. 1M/B73. 2 m, etc. , the domestic standard is GB3215 and GB5656 / T. The following introduction to these standards, respectively. ISO is short for the international organization for standardization. 离心泵技术规格书ISO5199 ClassⅡ( Centrifugal pump specification Ⅱ level) , mainly is based on the German DIN standards. Its appearance size, performance, in accordance with ISO2858 standards; Base in ISO3661; Mechanical seal or soft packing cavity size fits ISO3069; The performance test, class C B meet ISO3555 meet ISO2548. At present in the field of petroleum and chemical industry, API610 is frequent use of centrifugal pump with the international standard. The international organization for standardization also adopted the standard API610, pay to the standard ISO/CD13709. DINISO5199 GB5656 China, Germany, France's use ISO5199 NFISO5199 equivalent; Britain's using ISO5199 BS6836 equivalent. BS5257 DIN24256 GB5662 China, Germany, Britain, France NFE44121, mining ISO2858 equivalent or equivalent. The rest of the ASME standard chemical water pump are: ASMEB73. 3M- 1996规范Thermoplastical和Thmoset高分子材料卧式端吸离心Pumpsfor化学过程( Horizontal axial inhalation of thermoplastic and thermosetting resin chemical centrifugal pump) 。 ASMEB73. 5M- 1995年规范未签名盖章的卧式端吸离心泵为化学过程( Horizontal axial suction leak-off chemical centrifugal pump) 。 GB5656 / T - China national standards 94 the single-stage, single-suction chemical centrifugal pump technology conditions 'refer to ISO5199 establishment. The relevant standards such as GB5662 the axial suction centrifugal pump ( 16Bar) Mark size, performance, and with reference to ISO2858, GB5661 the axial suction centrifugal pump mechanical seal and soft packing cavity size reference ISO3069 and GB5660 the axial suction centrifugal pump base and installation size reference ISO3661. Hydraulic performance test according to GB3216 the centrifugal pump, the mixed flow pump, axial flow pump and vortex pump test method 'grade of C or B level ( With reference to ISO2548, ISO3555) 。 2. ISO and ANSI pump standard corresponds to ISO5199. ( Including equivalent or by reference to the standard of national standard) The chemical centrifugal pump is called the ISO pump; In accordance with ANSIB73. 1M/B73. 2 m standard chemical centrifugal pump is called the NSI pump. ISO5199( Including equivalent or by reference to the standard of national standards, such as GB/T5656) of our country ,ANSIB73。 1M/B73. 2 m standard for petroleum, chemical industry, light load in use of centrifugal water pump, drive and auxiliary equipment in the design, manufacture, inspection, test and puts forward the basic requirement for the delivery status, etc. The scope and requirements of the two types of standards are basically the same, ISO or ANSI pump in such aspects as material, design, manufacture and test requirement is lower than the API pump, so the reliability is relatively less, of course the price is also much cheaper. This kind of pump to meet the requirements of the general chemical use, often used for flammable, dangerous and asked not to be too high. American DURCO MARK Ⅲ series, GOULDS company 3196 series, the Swiss sulzer and dalian acid proof pump plant in the CZ series, Japan Ren original IFW, IFS series of the company, as well as our country's IH series ( Including improved series) Such as this kind of pump. For medium non-flammable, no danger, API610 regulation: when the inlet pressure of the pump & lt; 0. 5MPa( Gage pressure) , the outlet pressure & lt; 1. 9MPa( Gage pressure) , pumping temperature & lt; 150 ℃, speed & lt; 3600 r/min, rated head & lt; 120 m, wheel diameter ( Cantilever pump) < 330 mm, does not require allowed to meet the standard API610. But in life, the material, the axial stiffness, mechanical seals, bearing and auxiliary piping shall comply with the relevant requirements of API610, require that the buyer should be specified in the inquiry sheet which requirements can be relaxed.
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