The transient simulation _ roots vacuum pump

by:J&T     2020-05-21

dry vacuum pump as the core equipment is widely used in the semiconductor industry, the solar cell manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other important industries, the development and production of more and more be taken seriously. Dry vacuum pump has many kinds of structure forms, which mainly include multilevel roots type, multistage claw type, combined type ( Roots + claw type) And screw, etc. , the temperature and pressure of the gas in the process of extraction complex changes. At present, in addition to the requirements of high precision manufacturing and assembly, processing is difficult and other factors, the design theory also needs to be improved, such as rotor thermal deformation and the impact on the gap, and control of air dynamic noise, and the motion of particles of suction as well as problems are worth further analysis, therefore, the pump cavity is of great significance to study the flow field.

in recent years, computational fluid dynamics ( CFD计算FluidDynamics) Has developed rapidly and was applied to the internal flow field of fluid machinery research. In the field of vacuum technology has been the application of the CFD results have been reported, Boulon and Cheng, studied the compound molecular pump Holweck exhaust level and the flow simulation of the turbo booster pump inside; Wang steam jet pump for different operating conditions such as the performance of the numerical calculation. Based on the multilevel dry type roots vacuum pump suction pump cavity as the research object, based on the AN - CFD general software SYS - CFX and dynamic grid method is used for the numerical simulation of transient flow in the pump inside, discusses the applicability of the CFD method, analyzes the phenomenon of gas flow and flow field distribution, physical process for further research in the dry vacuum pump and theoretical question has carried on the beneficial attempt.

the following conclusions through the research of scholars

( 1) Was established through using the method of dynamic grid dry type roots vacuum water pump suction level of transient simulation model, in view of the pump cavity gap is close to zero. The actual model of 1 mm, when inlet pressure of 100 and 1000 Pa, compared with the pumping speed curve error of the CFD numerical results of 34 respectively. 2% and 11. 5%.

( 2) The CFD method is difficult to apply to low inlet pressure and the limit of vacuum dry vacuum pump inner flow analysis, but the high inlet pressure has good numerical accuracy, can be allowed based on the engineering practice in the application of specific accuracy requirements determine the appropriate scope of inlet pressure.

( 3) Simulation the performance of the vacuum pump and the internal flow phenomenon are analyzed, and points out that the roots pump cavity existence location, size and strength of the changing of vortex flow, and the change of the pump cavity temperature distribution is given. The results further examination to be combined with engineering practice and improvement of the dry vacuum pump design and theoretical study of help is predictable.

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