The structure of the roots vacuum pump and principle

by:J&T     2020-05-21

roots vacuum pump ( General: roots pump) Means within the pump is equipped with two in turn direction with the step of rotating blade rotor, rotor, have small gaps between the rotor and the pump shell cavity and touch each other a varactor vacuum pump.

roots vacuum pump in oil, chemical, plastic, chemical fertilizer, steam turbine generator rotor rotor dynamic balance, such as aerospace and interior space simulation device for the long-term operation and therefore should vigorously develop and use in China. Also widely used to crude oil, chemical, metallurgical industry, textile and other industrial production. The noise of the vacuum pump parts for vacuum pump exhaust silencer for vacuum pump.


roots pump is a kind of no narrowing of the vacuum pump, general compression ratio is very low, so high, in the vacuum pump must be in front of the pump.

on a pair of blade rotor pump cavity have the same step, reverse direction push to move gas and maintain the vacuum of vacuum pump.

roots vacuum pump is refers to have a pair of shoe with step high-speed rotor machinery and equipment of vacuum pump, this pump is not independent of pumping air into vacuum state, to match in front of the skeleton seal, water ring can be straight, such as exhaust air.

it's structure and principle of roots blower with similar to the work if its without suction and vacuum packing vessel or ultrafiltration device connected to the main pumping. Among this kind of vacuum pump rotor and rotor, the rotor and the pump shell touch each other, middle gap in general is 0. 1 to 0. 8 mm; Don't use RunHua cooking oil. Rotor type line with round slash, involute gear and the cycloid, etc. Involute gear rotor pump capacity utilization rate is high, the processing to ensure accuracy, so the rotor type line with involute gear type. The roots vacuum water pump speed ratio can reach 3450 ~ 4100 RPM; Vacuumizing speed is 30 ~ 10000 liters per second ( A liter = 10 - 3 meters 3) ; Ultimate vacuum pump: unipolar is 6. 1 x 5 x 102 mpa, the double is 103.

the limits of roots pump vacuum pump except the pump itself structure and manufacturing precision, but also in the front of the pump limit vacuum pump. So that the limit of the lift pump vacuum values, roots pump series can be used. Roots pump of roots blower with similar principle. Because the rotor continues to turn, have been smoked gas from the air inlet into the rotor and the pump shell in the middle of the interior space where v0, then through the outlet line. Because without where v0 interior space is fully enclosed after absorption, therefore, in the pump cavity gas without narrowing and peng. But when the top of the rotor turning the outlet edge, where v0 interior space and the exhaust side each other, because of the exhaust gas pressure is higher, is part of the gas to return through interior space where v0, gas gas pressure increase suddenly. When the rotor rotates, again gas discharged outside the pump. Roots pump in the pump cavity, there are two '8' type of rotor installed vertically with each other on a pair of parallel surface axis, the reduction ratio of 1 pair of transmission gear with posture in the opposite direction to each other with step rotation exercise. In the middle of the rotor, the rotor and the pump shell cavity in the middle, to maintain a certain gap, can maintain high-speed operation.

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