The single screw vacuum pump, screw pump

by:J&T     2020-05-20

as for the single screw in the screw vacuum pump, vacuum pump after the former in the face of the relevant knowledge to explain, we can say that if you study hard, you will have a certain degree of understanding and the understanding, also can make progress from time to time and harvest. So, if the job is good for us, then, there is no harm to stop, in this way, we can achieve the desired learning goals and requirements as soon as possible.

1。 For single screw vacuum pump, when the medium which should be paid attention to detail?

for single screw vacuum pump, there are some matters needing attention in the conveyance medium, so we need to know how to understand and control it, so as not to appear problem, so let's elaborate on it immediately.

( 1) The temperature should be - transport medium Within the scope of 10 to 80 degrees Celsius. However, if there are special circumstances, also can be 120 degrees Celsius. Each level of the normal pressure is commonly 0. 6 million mpa, and if in a short period of time, can reach 0. 8 million mpa

( 2) When single screw vacuum pump to send water, its biggest intake stroke is 8 meters, but in the actual operation process, suggest that not more than 6. 5 meters, in order to avoid problems. In addition, if the transport high viscosity medium, should adopt positive pressure pump, which one is better.

2。 Single screw vacuum pump can be used to stop the gas-liquid mixing and conveying? It can be divided into single suction and double suction?

single screw vacuum pump can be used to transport mixed gas - Liquid medium? China and etc. counties, believe that this is not possible. It is not possible because of the inappropriate. As for the latter problem, of course, there are two kinds of screw vacuum pump, single suction and double suction pump, single screw vacuum pump belonging to the screw vacuum pump. However, for single screw vacuum water pump, it only needs a single suction type, and there is no double suction type.

3。 Why single screw vacuum pump in the screw vacuum pump can only be used for conveying fluid?

the detailed answer to the question is:

the main reason is that single screw vacuum pump on the structure and the data have some limitations. In addition, when the discharge pressure increases, the lower volumetric efficiency. Therefore, the screw vacuum pump is mainly used for conveying fluid, in order to avoid problems. In addition, you must know, for single screw vacuum pump, not all conditions are suitable for transmission medium.

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