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by:J&T     2020-04-05
Vertical pipe pump characteristic for vertical structure, import and export of YG vertical pipe pump, and exports of the same diameter, located on the same line, small volume, easy to install and maintain, low construction investment. YG vertical pipe pump features: l, YG vertical pipe pump compact structure, small volume and beautiful shape. Its vertical structure is low and suitable for pump feet, enhances the YG vertical pipe pump running stability and longevity. 2, easy to install. Online, and export the same diameter and the same as the valve, can be directly installed in any part of the pipeline. Motor and cover can be placed in the outdoor use. has a stable installation to install the foot pump. 3, stable operation, low noise, high concentricity of parts. Low noise motor bearing, and non stop refueling device, water pump impeller has excellent static and dynamic balance, no vibration, improve the environment. 4, no leakage. Solve with corrosion resistant of carbide mechanical seal, seal the centrifugal pump packing serious leakage problem, prolong service life, ensure the operation site neat: 5, convenient maintenance. Don't have to remove the tube, as long as the nut is removed the pump cover, motor and transmission components can be described for repair and maintenance has been removed. 6. Can be used according to the site conditions, the pump unit can be installed vertically, level, multi-mode, floating head according to need, and using series method, the flow head increase as needed. In an article: the difference between the fresh water pump and drainage pump next up: the focus of fluorine plastic magnetic pump maintenance
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