The roots vacuum pump when using common problems and solutions

by:J&T     2020-05-23

the following when using the roots vacuum pump of the common problems and solutions. Roots vacuum pump needs to be run under pure volume. Compared with the rotary vane vacuum water pump, roots vacuum pump has no internal compression. It can compress the exhaust pressure. Compared with the rotary vane vacuum pump, all parts are in contact with the medium oil free, and all applicable to the roots vacuum pump parts can also be applied to dry vacuum pump.

quick evacuation in application, must realize the extraction period for a few seconds, so the operator must indeed Paul, vacuum pump and backing pump for the ratio of 1:2. Must ensure that the ratio, because the former stage pump pump in 100 hPa unleashed the pressure of the air, it will take up most of the pumping time, 10 hPa and roots vacuum pump can work effectively under pressure. Therefore, the size of the backing pump must be more accordingly.

to start the pump if you use a multi-stage pump stations or the combination of multiple vacuum pump parallel operation, you must start the water pump at staggered intervals. First to start the big air pump, it can avoid the excessive power peak and the cost of the circuit breaker. This can be achieved by timing components easily implemented in the controller and PLC. Another method is to use the inverter slow start pump.

liquid into a sudden intrusion will damage the pump, because when happen fast cooling, evaporation liquid gas cannot achieve the required temperature. Due to the backing pump has overload, and the front-end pressure may rise too high, so can't timely take off steam. In order to avoid this kind of situation, must be installed between the processing chamber and roots vacuum pump, a receiver, in order to absorb liquid before entering the pump.

the dust will be in the process of producing dust particles or carry accumulation, in metallurgy or crystal pulling process, for example, it is necessary to install the dust in the air inlet of the pump filter, in order to protect the roots vacuum pump and downstream of the pump. When using the system for the first time shall be installed in the roots vacuum pump inlet port of a so-called mantle network, in order to prevent due to improper cleaning and make the solid and weld bead spewing from the welded joint. In this case, it is recommended to use the pump manufacturer's accessories, because debris protection network design makes it free cross-section match with the nominal diameter of the pump, thus ensuring the speed of the pump will not be affected by accidental loss of conductivity.

extracting rare and rare and rare gas extracting high purity gases ( Such as helium 3 or 4) helium , must be avoided at all costs of these gases in contact with the surrounding air. At this point, the pump body in less than 10 - 5 to 10 - 8 hPa l/s area of high air tightness and low leakage rate. Some of the vacuum pump manufacturers ( For example, Pfeiffer Vacuum) Can provide for motor magnetic couplings, rather than ordinary shaft hole. This makes all leaks in the history of 1 when the roots vacuum pump. Can also use the enclosed motor, but the operator must depend on the pump manufacturer for repair, because this kind of enclosed motor was developed specifically for the pump. For example, using the magnetic coupling technology, cost-effective standard motor may be used.

run under extreme pressure for the roots vacuum pump running under the maximum differential pressure, is not recommended before cooling run directly under extreme pressure. Under extreme pressure, as a result of the vacuum water pump speed is too fast, the minimum or zero gas through the amount will not be transmitted by gas or the surface of the shell is sending out any heat. Due to the sudden high temperature, the air gap between rotor and shell is too small, the pump will stop rotating. In severe cases, this may result in vacuum pump.

improper temperature fluctuations in the roots vacuum pump under the condition of plug is still very hot, the environment temperature sudden contraction will lead to a big drop in pump shell, lead to stop rotating pump. When working under extreme pressure, this is especially important. Therefore, must be preserved at all costs to avoid sudden changes in ambient temperature. In addition, the operator must be careful not to suddenly opened the shutters, near the other door, etc. , especially in winter.

in addition, support for those from the pump, please put it in the roof or under the canopy, in case of rain. If in the case of a fire, to pump the water from the pump housing might explode, especially made of grey cast iron shell. Nodular cast iron pump has high strength, therefore more suitable for the thermal fluctuations.

temperature control if the roots vacuum pump running under the maximum differential pressure, on the exhaust side need a temperature sensor, to prevent overheating and cause any damage. This will produce alerts in finite temperature, and reach the maximum allowable temperature close pump.

the above is a common problem and solution of the roots vacuum pump is introduced. I hope it can help you. For more information, please continue to focus on our website.

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