The roots vacuum pump used in the maintenance _ in the refrigerator

by:J&T     2020-05-22

roots vacuum pump in the refrigerator to maintain an application is to use the vacuum pump refrigerator, this is the most effective method. This paper applies the roots vacuum pump refrigerator maintenance, provide the basis for vacuum pump vacuum pump to send. Use vacuum pump to repair the refrigerator has two functions: one is the inflation pressure, the purpose is leaking cooling system; The other is a vacuum cleaner, in order to prepare the way for refrigerant injection. This is the reason why the refrigerator need to German roots vacuum pump.

how to use the roots vacuum pump vacuum aspiration was carried out on the fridge?

first, start the refrigerator compressor operation, until the compressor reaches a certain temperature, with the hand feeling the heat. Then stop ( Or don't stop) 。 Vacuum pump or compressor maintenance through the pipe connected to the process piping, and start the vacuum. About half an hour, the use of lighter lamp and the maintenance of compressor outlet alignment. If the flame stability, can think of vacuum in the system meet the requirements. Then stop vacuuming and close the three-way valve. Liquid screw down and repair compressor connector, connecting fluorine bottle, and use a small amount of refrigerant filling system. Close the three-way valve. Start the refrigerator compressor for a few minutes. Then connect the filling pipe to maintain the compressor suction side, open the three-way valve, and then leave. Completely remove air and moisture from the system takes about half an hour. Then you can as usual to the refrigerant charge.

how it works: we know that the evaporation rate of water is related to pressure and temperature. At lower pressure and higher temperature, evaporation rate is faster. Due to the summer air humidity is high, when the air used to pressurize the refrigerator, water will enter the system. When pumping air into vacuum state, the compressor will start to use the heat generated by the compressor to the water in the heating system to speed up the evaporation. 。 At this point, the more easily from a vacuum pumping. General maintenance of the compressor is used for refrigerator compressor, the limited power, and difficult to draw an ideal vacuum. If the system with a small amount of refrigerant or close to ideal using roots vacuum pump, vacuum pump refrigerant in the system may be far greater than the proportion of water and air. It can be easily pull out the air and water, to make the vacuum system meet the requirements.

roots water pump - Water ring pump is widely used in chemical, food and high altitude simulation test of vacuum system. This combination unit to roughly the following several types: roots water pump - Water ring pump; Roots pump - - water ring pump Atmospheric pressure pump unit; Roots pump - Water ring water pump parallel mechanical vacuum pump.

the importance of the roots vacuum pump in the refrigerator repair lies in whether it can keep the best vacuum, is a standard of measure vacuum equipment operation, safety and economy of refrigerator has a great influence. Cooling equipment is running, if the roots vacuum pump is not tight, air leak, vacuum degree is reduced. At the same time, increase air pressure. Due to the solubility and is proportional to the partial pressure of the air, so more air dissolved in the water, and the oxygen content of the condensed water.

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