The roots vacuum pump used in food processing

by:J&T     2020-07-01

is critical in vacuum technology in food enterprises, speck roots vacuum pump manufacturers feel that because of the vacuum technology industry development and rapid success of high and new science and technology, the Chinese vacuum pump sales market for vacuum pump technology strength clearly put forward the higher. Food processing is to point to will protect the material into food or food is converted into other forms of all the whole process of processing technology, food processing contains common use, for a variety of special requirements are often applied to the vacuum water pump. In food processing on the use of vacuum pump level here is also very common, small make up take guys today to discuss the roots vacuum pump used in food processing.

the application of vacuum technology in food processing is the key in the freeze drying process, often called vacuum freezing technology in manufacturing industry, which is recognized all over the world at present is more excellent food processing technology.

from the characteristics of the roots vacuum water pump, the aim of vegetables and food packaging materials production and processing of this three aspects to discuss the roots vacuum pump used in food processing.

speck the characteristics of the roots vacuum pump

starting fast, low power consumption, low operation maintenance cost, large pump efficiency, high efficiency, on the extraction of body often contain a large amount of water vapor and the dust is not sensitive, in 100-1 has a big operation work pressure vacuum speed, can clever rid the sudden release of gas.

this job stress scale right at skeleton sealed vacuum pump and the decentralized pump intermediate of mechanical equipment. Therefore, it has often been string in the middle of the decentralized pump and skeleton sealed mechanical equipment vacuum pump, used for pumping gas development on both sides of work stress scale. This time it is called booster pumps of mechanical equipment.

1) has a big operation in wide working pressure of the water pump efficiency.

(2) the motor rotor with excellent geometry symmetry, therefore, little vibration, shaking. Between motor rotor and generator rotor are gaps between the shell and the cover, do not need to smooth, small friction loss, can greatly reduce the drive power output, which can be a high-speed rotation;

(3) pump cavity need not use cooking oil seal and bright and clean, can promote the oil steam cleaning of vacuum pump control system;

(4) the pump cavity no fold, no automatic exhaust valve. Simple, compact structure, on the extraction of dust and water vapor is not sensitive;

(5) low tucked in, the radon vacuum adverse effect is poor.

vegetables fresh purpose is to prevent aging, manipulation of inspiratory is very necessary, and the elements of linked to inhale the close temperature. Photosynthesis on the one hand, maintained the life of the individual, on the other hand it stored chemicals.

food processing good after all must after cooling to the packaging, have cooling room, of course, the cooling system of traditional cooling and compulsory between natural ventilation cooling, central air conditioning cooling, proposed cooling, etc. This cooling cooling time is long, slow capital turnover, covers an area of more than, and asymmetrical cooling, surface and management center temperature difference is big, the key is to endanger the safety of food hygiene. Nowadays, chooses the roots vacuum pump units to carry out the cooling, the cooling process, quickly according to the temperature section. ( 50℃- 25℃) From generation to generation, can greatly reduce bacteria breeding, it is very easy to manipulate the initial bacteria amount, which is beneficial to improve food safety coefficient, increase the shelf life.

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