The roots vacuum pump used in car batteries, dismantling and handling _

by:J&T     2020-05-22

the application of vacuum technology in many industries have achieved effective results. Now let's look at the roots vacuum pump application in car battery processing. The utility model provides a simple structure, easy to use, safe and reliable, and the device of the save Labour when the province, and is suitable for the new energy car battery loading and unloading, is suitable for the new energy, dismantling and handling of the battery. A kind of vehicle, and to overcome the defects of the existing technology. Want to know the customer can take a closer look at the contents of the next step, I believe everyone will get some benefits.

how to choose so many brands of vacuum equipment?

vacuum products cover a wide range of industries, from vacuum components, saving the vacuum clamping system processor to complete. Vacuum product is suitable for automatic production, processing and processing and energy saving. From automobile manufacturing, logistics system, electronic products, packaging, food processing, chemical, wood, metal, composite material, glass, new energy, such as vacuum products, can meet the challenges of the diversification - at any time Use vacuum suction cup transport consumables components, or use the roots vacuum pump equipment transport several tons of steel; Whether it is - 28 ° C, the vacuum system in freezer, or the use of rotary vane vacuum pump under 600 ° C hot forming, in the field of a dozen, in the case of the application, provide vacuum solutions to the user left a deep impression.

auto production line remove new energy battery with the help of the manipulator. Although it efficiently quickly, but is not suitable for daily operation of 4 s shop maintenance personnel, new energy battery weight is about 300 kg. Through a simple tool is easy to remove. Safety accident and a slight negligence will damage the body. It involves a car that is suitable for the removal and processing of the new energy battery of the device. Our study suggests that the roots vacuum pump is most suitable for car batteries.

shall be fixed and fixed in the car, the car battery when handling and handling to should take put down gently. Because the battery is particularly prone to chemical reaction of metal, so easy to extend and burning, and car battery packing and shipping, such as improper handling, flammability and explosive, and sometimes accident happens. The nonstandard behavior of the packing and shipping accidents caused by more and more attention.

roots vacuum water pump application in car battery treatment has great capacity of water pump, pumping speed from 190 l/S to the 49000 l/S, the characteristics of continuous run stably for a long time. Roots vacuum pump series, widely used in electronic, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, material, biological medicine, atomic energy, space exploration and other high-tech fields. Such as all kinds of vacuum furnace, vacuum coating equipment, vacuum freeze drying equipment, etc. Typical of the roots vacuum pump is controlled by pneumatic valve procedures.

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