The roots vacuum pump use pay attention to these points in the _

by:J&T     2020-05-23

the working principle of roots vacuum pump performance characteristics of roots pump and pump CAM basic same, but the rotor are roots type. It can carry tens of thousands of CPS viscosity liquid. The roots vacuum pump is mainly composed of pump body of two opposite rotating rotor, driven by a pair of synchronous gears. Mesh roots vacuum pump rotor and the pump body, has the gap. The size of the gap mainly depends on the viscosity of the liquid. It should be adjusted to the beyond a certain range viscosity to increase the gap.

1, the roots vacuum pump, check the position of the oil level must meet the requirements of must adjust, in order to reach the operation requirement of the roots vacuum pump, according to the oil level standard.

2, roots vacuum pump oil change period according to the practical usage, can satisfy the performance requirements of the user into consideration, such as general woosong, pumps, pump gas cleaning, suggested that oil change after about 100 hours of work can't see the black metal powder, oil after the deadline may be extended.

3, roots vacuum pump to check the quality of the product, often should discover the deterioration of oil product, replace the new oil, Paul, vacuum pump to work properly.

4, roots vacuum pump under normal circumstances, the roots pump should be checked after 2000 hours of work, check the sealing of the age, check whether the exhaust valve is craze, clean the valve plate and the exhaust valve seat clean the roots pump chamber, such as rotor, vane, spring, etc. It usually use gas washing and drying. Use dry cloth to wipe the rubber drying. Should be careful when cleaning and assembly.

5, roots bearing lubricant to the bearing body, observe the oil level should be in the center line of the oil, should be promptly replace or add lubricant.

6, roots vacuum pump check whether the roots vacuum pump pipe and connector is loose. Manual rotation roots vacuum pump, to see if the roots vacuum pump was flexible.

7, roots vacuum pump should be reassembled after commissioning, shall generally be empty clear oil change twice, 2 hours for cleaning the roots vacuum pump will leave a certain amount of volatile matter, so that the function is normal, and then put into normal operation.

8。 Roots vacuum pump to start the motor. When the normal operation of the roots vacuum pump, open the outlet pressure gauge and type roots vacuum water pump. If according to the corresponding pressure, please open the gate valve and check the motor load.

9。 Roots vacuum pump is trying to control the flow of the roots vacuum pump and the scope of the lift, marked on the tag for Paul, vacuum pump running at peak efficiency, in order to realize the maximum energy saving.

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