The roots vacuum pump test conditions

by:J&T     2020-05-21

roots vacuum pump is a new type of vacuum water pump. No matter use which kinds of equipment, we must to test it before use it, and the test can't simply to complete. It needs to be based on conditions. Let me introduce the roots vacuum pump test conditions.

1, in equipment performance test, different test conditions will lead to different results, so should first test conditions were determined.

2, mechanical booster pump is specified test conditions:

1. You need to use the test gas as much as possible to keep the temperature stable, it is room temperature air.

(2) the roots vacuum pump test environment temperature should be + / - 5 ℃, relative humidity should be no greater than 90%.

(3) the power of the motor and the speed of the pump shall conform to the requirements of the product design.

(4) roots vacuum pump used in oil and seal oil should be in line with the requirements of the no. 1 vacuum water pump oil.

(5) with the mechanical pump type and basic parameters, recommend backing pump are used together.

6 cooling condition of the roots vacuum pump, if it is water cooling, the cooling water flow rate and into, outlet water temperature should conform to the requirements of the product design.

3, wet roots vacuum pump online atmosphere as a result has not yet set up standard, so there is no unified provisions on the test conditions.

roots vacuum pump in oil, chemical, plastics, pesticides and turbine rotor dynamic balance plays a good role. Also tested, in order to make our equipment unhindered work, and work smoothly, to reduce the loss and damage of the equipment.

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