The roots vacuum pump repair note 5 big fault _

by:J&T     2020-05-22

roots vacuum pump troubleshooting for many factories are all trouble, you factory no maintenance workers, shall be called vacuum pump manufacturer maintenance, and more troublesome, delay time is longer. But not maintenance problems affect the progress of the factory. Today is to introduce the roots vacuum pump troubleshooting five points.

a, roots vacuum pump pressure limit amounted to less than

1. Leak pipeline system, the system checks.

2。 body part of the leak, check the pump.

3。 Before the pump pressure drop limit, repair or replace the backing pump.

4。 Oil seal wear, replace the oil seal.

5。 Inlet temperature is too high, the impact of extreme pressure.

2, roots vacuum pump pumping speed is insufficient

6. Enlarged pipe channel capacity is insufficient, pipe channel capacity.

7。 Before the water pump pumping speed drops, repair or replace the backing water pump.

3, roots vacuum pump motor overload

8. Inlet pressure is too high, adjust the inlet pressure control.

9。 The rotor end surface contact with the end cover single, adjust the rotor side clearance.

10。 Backing water pump back to oil or water into the roots pump cavity, add or replace the check valve.

11。 Adopt mechanical automatic regulating by-pass valve.

12。 With hydraulic coupling.

13。 Using vacuum electric element control pump inlet pressure.

4, roots vacuum pump, pump body overheating

14. Before choosing pump pumping speed is not enough, caused by the compression ratio is too large, to choose backing pump.

15。 Inlet pressure is too high, adjust the inlet pressure control.

16。 Cooling is insufficient, unimpeded increasing cooling water.

17。 The rotor and the pump shell contact, maintenance.

18岁。 Too much gear lubrication oil, adjust oil amount.

19。 Insufficient gear lubrication bearing oil seal, ensuring appropriate oil and lubrication is good.

5, roots vacuum pump abnormal voice

20. Very bad assembly and repair.

21。 Synchronous gear and the rotor position offset, rotor contact with each other. Adjust the position, guarantee the clearance.

22。 Inlet pressure is too high, adjust the inlet pressure control.

23。 Overload or bad lubrication, the cause of gear damage, replace the synchronous gear.

24。 Bearing wear, replace the bearing.

25。 Gear box oil quantity is not enough, come on as required.

26。 Bypass valve, pressure differential. Before the pump pressure drop limit, pump before repair or replacement.

27。 Operation of internal cause larger particles into the pump parts wear and tear.

28。 The placement of pump displacement. Such as tilt.

6, the pump inlet tank float

29. Former level between water ring pump and roots pump check valve failure, liquid reflux pump before work.

30。 Water cooling jacket in sand holes, cooling water leakage into the tank.

31。 The smoke gas contained moisture content is too big.

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