The roots vacuum pump _ pay attention to the following several aspects

by:J&T     2020-05-21

roots vacuum pump at work to transmit tens of thousands of CPS viscosity liquid, there are two contrary in the pump body, rotor direction through a pair of synchronous gear transmission, roots pump rotor, the water pump body card close to each other, but there is a certain gap, so we should pay special attention to when using the following respects.

1, the location of the roots vacuum pump is always check the oil level, adjustment, to meet the not comply with requirements.

2, according to the actual conditions of use of oil change period, can satisfy the performance requirements of consideration. Most of the new equipment, clean gas in about 100 hours at a time, when the recommended oil change.

3, often should check the oil, found that the deterioration of oil should be replaced with new oil, to ensure its normal work.

4, check after 2000 hours of check deteriorating Jue rubber seals, check whether the exhaust valve slice of crack, the precipitation dirt clean valve and exhaust valve seat.

5, the whole clean roots vacuum pump parts, such as rotor, the rotor blades, spring, general washing gasoline, and dry.

6, to join lubricating oil bearing, observe the oil level should be the center line of the oil, lubricating oil should be replace or supplement.

7, reassemble the test run, usually need to idle for 2 hours, the secondary oil changes, because clean roots water pump will leave a certain amount of volatile matter, when operating normally, and then to work.

all work must be in the roots pump capacity and head in the strength of the flat display, to make sure it can work at peak efficiency, in order to maximize the energy savings.

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