The roots vacuum pump overload method - to prevent burn out motor

by:J&T     2020-05-21

roots vacuum pump in many industries, such as oil, chemical industry and plastics, if the pressure differential is too high, the overload may occur. The more serious problem is the motor burned. Here, I'll introduce you to some of the ways to prevent equipment overload and burning motor.

1, the use of hydraulic coupling, hydraulic coupler can also prevent overload

1) under normal working conditions, hydraulic coupling between the pump and motor installed, rated torque from the motor end to the pump.

(2) the roots vacuum pump pressure difference is determined by the hydraulic coupling transmission torque, and its can transfer torque by the liquid quantity to adjust.

3. When the roots vacuum water pump work under high pressure or with the former pump is started at the same time, can appear inside the hydraulic coupling speed difference, namely slippage, just pass a certain torque for reduction of water pump.

(4) as the extraction of gas load decreases gradually and gradually accelerated to the rated speed.

2, using vacuum electronics control water pump inlet pressure

1) install a pressure gauge in the inlet pipe, such as vacuum gauge or vacuum electric contact pressure gauge.

(2) the vacuum system after the start, when the pressure is lower than the given value, at the entrance pressure sensor will send signal and the electrical control system to open it.

3. If the roots vacuum pump inlet pressure is higher than the specified value, the pump bypass valve automatically closed or opened at the same time, to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.

in order to prevent the roots vacuum pump overload burning motor, we can in the process of operation control switch, turn off the power supply in time after work, and routine maintenance and cleaning. This is not a good way to delay work.

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