The roots vacuum pump overload condition - of the unit

by:J&T     2020-05-22

roots vacuum pump units once vapour pressure difference will appear on the higher, the overload situation, lead to motor winding ablation. People must be overload conditions to carry out the inspection, where is the cause of overload? So just good symptomatic treatment, so, we in solving the problem of overload, conception must be sealed and technical, if want to machine equipment can reduce the common failures, people must grasp some prevent measures immediately, then it follows that the training is to learn how to prevent the overload condition.

1, the inlet pipe of the roots vacuum pump unit according to buy vacuum pump bellows automobile relay or electric contact pressure vacuum pressure gauge and other photosensitive resistor. Vacuum pump after startup, when it is at the entrance to the working pressure is less than the given value ( allowable starting working pressure) , the pressure signal light dependent resistor, the electrical equipment automatic control system play in Cairo, vacuum pump unit ( Such as ultrafiltration device equipped with a bypass valve in pipeline, is also turn off the by-pass pipe gate valves) 。 If the pump inlet pressure is higher than standard value, the automatic turn off the machine equipment ( Or other open water pump by-pass pipe gate valves) And run it on.

2, selection of hydraulic transmission shafts converter can also avoid pump overload condition, the pump is able to work under high-pressure difference. Hydraulic transmission shafts is installed between the pump and motor. Under the normal working attitude, hydraulic transmission shafts by delivering rating to pump motor end torque. Roots vacuum pump units of the differential transmission by hydraulic transmission shafts converter torque to decision-making, and hydraulic transmission shafts converter can transmit the torque by the amount of liquid in which to adjust. When the pump work under high-pressure difference or and in front of the pump and started, in the liquid device inside the shaft speed contrast or drag, only transfer torque, the water pump speed down. Along with the development of the vacuum, the gas load decreases, it set to accelerate to the speed ratings than slowly.

3, the inlet valve is installed in it in the middle of the exit and entry of the bypass valve on the pipeline. The valve operating water pump entrances in the middle of the differential pressure shall not exceed the rated current. When the pressure difference to be rated current, gate on the differential effect automatic open, make the roots vacuum pump units exit and entry, cast a rapid decline in entrance to the middle of the differential pressure, at that time it in basically no differential pressure under the load of work. When the pressure difference is less than rated current, valve automatic turn off, the gas according to the unit by the front pumped away. Contains bypass valve control valve unit and front pump start-up, more make actual operation simple and convenient unit.

roots vacuum pump units overload conditions led to the confusion of many customers, not only harm the people's work, also greatly decrease of the machinery and equipment, so we want to prevent this kind of situation, then the above precautions that is to say you better choose, hurry to learn.

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