The roots vacuum pump noise in the process of running voice -

by:J&T     2020-05-22

the advantage of the roots vacuum pump

roots vacuum pump smooth operation, low noise, little vibration, high ultimate vacuum water pump. of the drive system components with strong anti recoil force structure, thus pump can long-term operation under high pressure, the car. Can improve the vacuum value in the short term. Consequently, there is no drag component in the pump cavity, not RunHua oil, and avoids the oil steam system of environmental pollution.

starting fast, low power, low operation and maintenance costs, high vacuumizing speed, high efficiency, the vacuum often contain small amounts of water vapor and dust is not sensitive, from 100 to 1 pa work within the confines of work pressure vacuum pressure ratio.

roots vacuum pump operation is stable and has the pump efficiency.

roots vacuum pump shut down common problem:

1. Turn off before the class skeleton seal mechanical pump gas ballast valve ( As the front-end skeleton seal mechanical pump gas ballast valve in the gas in the operation of the town)

2。 Turn off the roots vacuum pump bypass valve;

3。 First stop the roots vacuum water pump, then stop before the mechanical pump, banned the right off procedure process;

4。 Before stopping the pump on the other hand, immediately before the pump inlet object completely;

5。 Turn off the cooling circulation water valve;

6。 For long-term outage, or to avoid freezing in the winter break, play open cooling circulating water inlet valve will be fixed end set inside the remnant water;

cause noise because of the roots vacuum pump:

a, is the centrifugal fan noise is relatively large, according to the analysis should be a plastic deformation caused by fan; 2 it is to apply the quality not very good bearing caused by bearing noise.

2, roots vacuum pump noise parts inside.

1。 Rotor hit

it contains rotor and rotor, rotor and the water pump shell and rotor, and side cover the impact of noise. The key reason is: the shaft bending rigidity is not enough, the rotor and gear on the shaft precise positioning of the shaft to move, the gear gap is too big or too small, the radial side of the bearing gap is too big, etc.

2。 Roots vacuum pump gear

the elements of gear noise hazard in addition to the processing precision of gear itself, there are also installed the two rotor shaft gear flatness.

3。 Bearing

apart from the precision of the bearing itself, the design scheme is not also will lead to the ascension of bearing noise, such as too many bearing inner and outer installation clearance fit, shaft bending rigidity is not enough, grease supply is insufficient, corrosion and dust, water, gas and liquid pollution of the environment, etc. Roots water ring vacuum pump in the whole process running most of the sound of noise from all the impact and damage in the midst of its internal components, and it is very easy to the parts of the sound is also a very easy to damage the goods, so when maintenance, maintenance of machinery and equipment to carry out the actual operation, the most important maintenance of its parts.

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