The roots vacuum pump motor temperature plateau and treatment method of _

by:J&T     2020-05-21

roots vacuum pump in the long-term work under the pressure, if not timely maintenance and maintenance, will lead to the motor temperature rise, once the temperature rose to the limit, would easily damaged parts, causing problems. The operation failed. Therefore, in order to ensure the operation, you need to know what to do and why.

a, roots vacuum pump motor temperature plateau for

( 1) The motor power, working current is big, calorific value is big.

( 2) Fan speed is low, little wind pressure and wind.

( 3) The number of fan blade less, produce less air volume.

( 4) Motor on dirt and oil, reduces the heat dissipation capacity.

( 5) The roots vacuum pump motor bus voltage of 380 v. Due to cable voltage drop and uneven load distribution, the motor of the voltage is 365 v only. Low pressure lead to run large current.

two, roots vacuum pump motor high temperature treatment

the motor power, speed, matching with the vacuum water pump can not change. Fan installed on the motor spindle. Motor speed determines the fan speed, so we can not change. Although increase the number of the fan blade can play a role, but after increasing leaf number, dynamic balance is not easy to find. If the alignment is bad, the vibration of the motor will increase.

( 1) A former fan cover 40 cm long, and install the fan casing diameter and the diameter of the same axial flow fan. Axial flow fan motor power is 850 w, the speed of 1489 r/min, the voltage is 380 v. Keep original fan. Axial flow fan is also equipped with a power control, interlock and axial flow fan and the main motor. The roots vacuum pump starts, axial flow fan start in time, 30 minutes after downtime, axial flow fan to stop running, in order to make the main motor to cool completely.

( 2) Clear the dust on the motor regularly, keep the motor cooling fin is clean, and increase the heat dissipation ability;

( 3) Will the bus voltage of vacuum pump is adjusted for 400 v.

if the roots vacuum water pump electric machine long time used in high temperature environment, will cause the insulation aging and shorten its life and reduce the work efficiency. As a result, the temperature of the motor must be within a certain range. Cooling work should be dealt with immediately, and in a timely manner.

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