The roots vacuum pump installation environment and produce noise about it

by:J&T     2020-05-22

roots vacuum pump installation environment and noise between any contact? Today we are from two aspects to analyze.

working in a proper environment helps practical effect and application of equipment. Place the roots vacuum pump, on the surrounding environment has certain requirements. At the same time, this also is one of the ways to ensure the service life of the equipment. It will be inappropriate environment affect the normal operation of the equipment, but if affect the service life of equipment, only a small part of it is not good.

1。 Ambient temperature devices shall not be more than 45 degrees.

2。 The roots vacuum pump should be placed.

3。 When installing equipment, Paul, vacuum pump base, or indeed the stability of the mounting bracket.

4。 Maintenance space should be reserved in advance, roots vacuum water pump and the distance between the wall should be at least 1 m, the reserved channel in order to advance, easy to maintenance.

5。 Installation area should be spacious, less dust, good lighting, for Paul, vacuum pump can fully cooling, air relative humidity should be lower at the same time, in order to facilitate the operation and maintenance.

motor noise and its quality is different, the motor noise is usually a roots vacuum pump noise, fan noise generally larger, the noise caused by the plastic deformation of the fan is usually bearing, use of poor quality.

roots vacuum pump rotor noise impact of the main causes of a rotor, rotor, rotor, shaft rigidity is not enough, the rotor side cover rotor motor and gear axial deviation is accurate, the gear gap is too big or too small, roller bearing radial clearance is too large.

roots vacuum pump of the main causes of gear noise is not only the accuracy of gear itself, but also in the parallelism of two rotor gear

in addition to the bearing itself, inadequate design may result in bearing noise increased. For example, the bearing inner and outer ring device is overmuch, bearing rigidity, oil shortage, dust, water, corrosive gas, liquid pollution, etc.

roots vacuum pump in the operation of the main reason is that the internal components of the noise, the impact wear between the noise parts easy to wear.

by above us for roots vacuum pump installation environment and the reasons of noise analysis can see very clear. The noise of the roots vacuum pump is mainly caused by vacuum pump problems of its own. A vacuum pump noise to contact after-sale maintenance personnel for repair.

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