The roots vacuum pump installation and use -

by:J&T     2020-06-28

roots vacuum pump is a very common vacuum pump, usually are used and other vacuum pump is tie-in. Used for vacuum degree of ascension. Today we will learn about the roots vacuum pump installation and use.

a, roots vacuum pump installation

( 1) , roots vacuum pump should be installed in dry mania, good natural ventilation and cleaning up the site.

( 2) And working temperature for 5 - roots vacuum pump 40℃。

( 3) , roots vacuum pump shall be installed level and its surrounding should set aside enough space, is advantageous to the normal inspection and maintenance. The installation is convenient.

( 4) , connected to the switch power supply, in accordance with to arrow on the pump motor to graphic symbols.

( 5) Piping should be clear, coupling is pumped vessels. Crystal such as dirt, diameter of not less than pump specifications, the length should be short, to make sure it has enough ability to work through guide, float tube jobs don't leak sealing.

( 6) Be should have no granular solid extraction into the pump chamber.

( 7) , roots vacuum pump and pump connection to be installed before ductile pipe to reduce the vibration caused by backing pump.

( 8) , electrical equipment must have self-locking interlock protection device, the current level of roots pump when the pump stop working to another end.

( 9) Able to immediately start, small pump, large pump must be set controller.

roots vacuum pump operation instruction:

the new pump are obtained, query, oil transmission gear side oil level in oil level in 3 - 5 teeth advisable, motor oil to the management center slightly Gao Weiyi, drive oil standard not less oil, grease the position 2 was used for the vacuum pump oil.

1, the roots vacuum pump starting processes:

( 1) And the pump before starting.

( 2) , open the backing pump drainage of official road business gate and roots pump inlet valve.

( 3) And stay within the system software work pressure do roots vacuum pump after the permissible working pressure, turn off the drainage gate, starting the roots vacuum pump, if there is no drainage pipes and gate valves, to do starting work pressure after starting the roots vacuum pump, the whole process also can choose automatic control system for liquid level sensor, keep all the whole process of automation technology.

( 4) The ultrafiltration device based on the specific situation, if it weren't for the ultrafiltration device, the starting after backing pump can starting roots vacuum pump. If it is a lot of the ultrafiltration device, although the roots vacuum pump with speed regulating valve with over-voltage protection, but this kind of maintenance maintenance of motor, just roots pump itself can still be due to long-term work under high pressure of work, due to overtemperature gets stuck, should stay in the backing pump pumping roots pump starting again after a certain working pressure.

2, roots vacuum pump parking program flow:

( 1) , turn off the roots vacuum water pump by-pass valve.

( 2) Step by step, from the top down roots vacuum pump, pump before finally stopped, forbid parking program flow.

( 3) , before the pump after parking, immediately forward pump inlet is deflated.

3, pay attention to point in the roots vacuum pump operation:

( 1) , running in the application must be in accordance with the technical specifications of the roots vacuum pump, under normal conditions, the roots vacuum pump of the channel work pressure in 1330 pa the following, larger pressure of pump is higher than the allowable pressure larger error.

( 2) , pay attention to the motor load and the location of pump temperature, under all normal operation conditions, the water pump shall not exceed the maximum temperature 40 ℃, the highest temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃. If use as a backing pump water ring pump, sometimes because of the two pumps the risk ratio is relatively large, will make the temperature of the roots water pump gradually increase, but the highest temperature of the pump shall not exceed 100 ℃.

( 3) , don't need to be in operation with irregular abnormal vibration and abnormal noise.

( 4) , such as found in the operation of motor load, temperature, noise anomalies, such as large vibration when conditions, should first off inspection, fault detection.

roots vacuum pump installation and using the above has been introduced into place. Need to know more of the roots vacuum pump failure solution, please pay attention to our website subsequent updates.

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