The roots vacuum pump compared with other types of vacuum pump and the advantages and disadvantages of _

by:J&T     2020-05-23
The roots vacuum pump has the following advantages compared with other types of vacuum pump.

1。 In wide pressure range, can quickly eliminate the sudden release of exhaust gas, in order to make up for the inadequacy of mechanical pump and diffusion pump oil. The roots vacuum pump is only applicable to seal or sealed mechanical booster pump. Please under vacuum atmosphere.

2。 Advanced design, reasonable structure, pulled out of the space between the rotor and rotor, loss of small, low power under the pumping speed of pumping speed have significant energy saving effect.

3。 Rotor symmetry is good, smooth shrinkage rate, can improve the speed and obtain high pumping rate Sue, so as to realize the structure is compact, small volume, light weight.

4。 The gases in the roots vacuum pump will not be strong compression. In addition, Sue the gaps between the moving parts and the weight of the water vapor is not sensitive to smoke, so can extract Kang Ningxing steam.

5。 Strong internal pump, lubricating oil without moving parts, avoid the pollution of oil vapor vacuum system, and help get the oil-free vacuum.

6。 Don't need into the exhaust valve, simple structure, low noise, the moving parts within the powerful water pump does not contact, don't damage, low maintenance cost.

7。 Quick start and maintain high vacuum for long.

roots vacuum pump fault is

1. Due to the complexity of rotor surface shape, bending cooking requires a lot of wiring processing, and also it is difficult to test in the manufacturing and assembly.

2。 Be as effective as high oil synergist, backward diffusion.

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