The roots vacuum pump cannot be used in separate problem _

by:J&T     2020-05-23

in the awareness of usually, industrial machinery and equipment in the industry are often can be used alone, there are a lot of customers for the roots vacuum pump can't separate use question asked us, everyone is full of doubt, so, what is the cause of its not used alone? Detailed analysis is as follows.

roots vacuum pump in use, the need to configure the backing pump, can rise to improve the pumping speed and the effect of vacuum degree.

working conditions: the level before the start of the vacuum pump must be pumped to the roots pump start-up pressure can only be activated, without the permission of the start or do not meet the pressure requirements start directly, will lead to pump load is too large, burning motor.

this pump start-up pressure for the large pressure difference of 1. About five times. Such as: large pressure difference of the roots vacuum pump is 6000 pa = 60 mbar, so, it will start pressure is water ring pump system can only be activated for pressure to draw 90 mbar, if backing pump for water ring pump, in order to prevent water ring pump circulating water reflux into the roots pump tank, then, between the roots pump and water ring pump will install the check valve.

believe that from the working conditions of above can let you understand why the roots vacuum pump cannot be used alone, it must be in the process of work, in conjunction with backing pump to ensure the normal working safely. At the same time we also note that the roots vacuum water pump start-up pressure is also very important in the work process, must be good control.

ok now the cause of the roots vacuum pump cannot be used alone is found, then we will introduce the working principle of roots water ring vacuum machine

for higher roots cannot directly discharge atmospheric water ring vacuum unit, such as exhaust will directly cause the roots water ring vacuum unit intake and outlet pressure difference is too big, so that the roots vacuum pump overload, such as an increase of 020 - simply 2 the power of the motor overheating will cause the roots water ring vacuum unit, which due to thermal expansion, roots water ring vacuum unit of the small space between the rotor will soon be stuck.

to Paul, water ring vacuum unit can really achieve higher vacuum degree, must be sure Paul, clearance between the pump rotor. Therefore, Luo roots water ring vacuum pump unit must be staffed with former level. The pump pressure water pump in the system to a certain range, roots vacuum pump starts, so you can avoid the roots vacuum pump overload. Before the pump can be directly discharged into the atmosphere, vacuum pump, such as water, Liquid) Ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, vacuum pump or reciprocating vacuum pump.

roots water ring vacuum unit, usually will be used as the backing pump water ring pump vacuum pump has more advantages than others. This is mainly because of its ability with remove large condensing steam, especially when the town gas mechanical vacuum pump oil seal. Condensing steam capacity is insufficient or the use of solvent can make pump oil deterioration and impact performance, or in the case of vacuum systems do not allow the oil pollution is more obvious.

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